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I am going to be starting Accutane in a day or two and my dermatologist told me to eat foods that are high in fat when I take my pill.

I am a vegan and I am just wondering what some good foods are that are high in fat. So far I can think of olive oil, nuts (like peanut butter), and avocados.

Would vegan butter be a food that is high in fat?

Or can you tell me any other foods that would be good to eat?

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I am vegan as well, and recently I noticed comments about this issue from reading the literature. Bioavailability of accutane is much higher when taken with a high-fat meal. There's some info and references for this is the accutane FAQ as well.

But I was also wondering what exactly is a high-fat meal. Interestingly, for the purposes of clinical trials it's specified by the FDA. I found the following document that discusses this issue


and the relevant bit of text is (bottom of page 5)

"A high-fat (approximately 50 percent of total caloric content of the meal) and high-calorie (approximately 800 to 1000 calories) meal is recommended as a test meal for food-effect BA and fed BE studies. This test meal should derive approximately 150, 250, and 500-600 calories from protein, carbohydrate, and fat, respectively."

I don't know about you, but that's probably more fat in one go than I eat in a whole day! I eat a lot of avocados, but not that many...


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