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I'm going try and keep this as short as possible.

I'm 21 years old, Male and have cystic acne.

I started getting acne when I was 13 and cysts when I was 15. So i've been suffering for over 6 years of painful cysts.

Here's a little history...

13-15 normal acne (pimples on face)

15-17 cysts on face

18-20 cysts all on back and chest some on face but not as much.

21 - now cysts also on back of my neck which is the worst spot.

I already have scarring on my temples that looks pretty bad and I have some scars on my back and chest, I never pick acne either.

when I turned 20 my acne actually started to go away, but then once I turned 21 it came back! And full force too!

I'm afraid of more scaring.

Most people say their acne goes away when they hit 20. Well I guess i'm just unfortunate enough to have adult acne.

I've been on anti-biotics for a long time now (years) and they seem to not work anymore. so now I'm thinking about going on acutane.

My dermatologist recommended acutane to me many times when I was younger (16-19) but I was always afraid because I have a phobia to needles (getting my blood drawn). However, I've seen the destruction acne can cause and realize how serious this is. I'm not thinking i'm just going to be brave and take it any way and just deal with my fears.

But now I have another issue... after doing research I realized that many people are saying that even after using Accutane their acne doesn't disappear?? My dermatologist said that after using it for 6 months I would be clear for life. But people here say that it only lasts for maybe a year or so after? I don't want to go through all this craziness and stress for just one year of acne- free.

So here are some questions I have,

1. will this only last a limited time? will I have to go on it again?

2. I know I said I will face my fears, but how much blood do they really need? Can they get enough from taking it from my finger? Rather than arm?

I understand everyone is different, let's pretend that I'm part of that 90% of people who deem the same positive results.

Thanks everyone, again sorry if it's long. I tried to shorten it as much as I could.

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When they take my blood, they take two full tubes... it's too much to be taking from the finger, they need to find a vein in your arm and do it from there.

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They take tubes of blood from my arm when I go in for my monthly check-up. It's quick and fairly painless, and a second of pain is certainly worth clear skin (in my opinion)! As for how effective Accutane is? It is prescribed to millions all over the world, and for many, it permanently clears their skin. I know quite a few people who have cleared from the drug. And consider this: if Accutane failed to clear people of acne, it wouldn't be used. People wouldn't spend $1,000s of dollars and physicians wouldn't bother with the nuisance of iPledge, if it didn't clear patients. Of course some patients do relapse and need more than one course, but for most it is an effective treatment. Jump at the chance to clear your skin now rather than waiting until you are older. Waiting simply isn't worth the stress and scars.

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Thank you... I agree with you, I'm going on vacation to the Caribbean tomorrow and i'm super nervous cause my backne is horrible! And the back of my neck is even worse!!! I honestly am covered with acne, It's so embarrassing... When I get back to the states i'm going to go back to the dermatologist ASAP and start accutane... I'm 21 I cannot deal with this anymore. :(

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Okay so I just started Accutane yesterday 2-24-14

I must say the blood tests were nothing.

Even after just my first day on accutane I feel like some of the cysts I had on my neck are softening up (I know its probably just in my head, no way the meds work that fast..)

I have experienced zero side effects... even dry lips.. Again, this is because I just started on accutane though, i'm sure they will get worse as I progress...

I am on a 30mg dosage, I think i'm gonna be on it for 6 months. I'm very excited and hopeful for the first time in my entire life of finally being done with acne after "suffering" for over 6 years.

I will report back weekly on progress, using this page as kind of a "diary" or "log book". I haven't taken any before pictures... mainly because I don't want to see them, the depress me and stress me out.

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