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Differin, Spironolactone, Orthotricyclen Combo

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Hello everyone.. I have been on quite a trip with acne, as most of you have. I am now 23 and have been dealing with this for about 4 years now. I did have previous success with the combination of doxycycline and epiduo gel. Then after bring acne free for about 6 months. It all came back :/ I've currently been on this combination for ALMOST 3 months now; orthotricyclen(birth control), spironolactone, and differin gel. So far, it's been shaky. My problem is, I wear a full coverage foundation (Mac Pro long wear concealer) and my doctor recommended cerave, dove fragrance free soap or cetaphil, to wash my face. I tried cetaphil, but it burned so bad and didn't remove makeup, I have been using cera ve hydrating cleanser for a few months but I font think it takes off my makeup. Does anyone gave suggestions for removing makeup? I'm scared to use makeup removing pads/cloths. Also, so far, not really any success so I'm kind of getting impatient :/ I wish I could not wear makeup but I can't :( I only breakout on my lower cheeks and jaw, which is why my doctor suggested spironolactone. It's hard to find someone who is using this same regimen.. Help?

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I'm using jojoba oil to remove my make up and then wash it again with cerave foaming cleanser. It takes off my face and eye makeup completely. Some people use only jojoba oil but since my pores get clogged really easily, I always wash it again with cleanser to remove all the oils. I got my jojoba oil from Dan's, though I'm not using the regimen. Hope this helps!

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Thank you! Maybe that's my problem, that I don't use the cerave foaming cleanser. The one I use kinda just lathers on and doesn't remove anything! Thank you I'll look into the jojoba oil! I'm kinda nervous to use oil on my face though. Have you been using this for a while?

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