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Hi guys,

My first ever post but I've been dormant on acne.org for a few years.

(Will try to make this short 'n' sweet)

To get to the point, I've never had a major issue with huge pimples or anything but my overall appearance was marred by blackheads and whiteheads all over my face. Every. Single. Pore. Is to some degree blocked. Even though I've experienced this since the age of 12 it does affect my confidence.

So obviously being a teen, I tried products that helped to exfoliate; beads, salicylic acid; benzoyl peroxide etc.- didn't work. This was till I was about 16 and my condition was still the same or perhaps even worse since I'd developed hyperpigmentation from trying to extract every pore with my fingernails and even chemical burns from products.

So I'd decided to go to my dr in London who prescribed me differin. Was so excited since I'd seen many positive reviews on acne.org. I genuinely thought differin was working initially since it was exfoliating and my appearance was a lot smoother until winter struck and my skin was just constantly tight, dry and uncomfortable. I'd tried it many months later during summer for the 2nd, 3rd n 4th times to no avail.

Went back to the dr who prescribed zineryt (zinc + erythromycin) which is an antibiotic? I had no hope of this working and thought it dumb that I was being prescribed an antibiotic for clogged pores, but I was desperate. Was on a trial for 2 months and literally nothing happened.

That was about 3 months ago and I was contemplating begging my gp to refer me to a derm to prescribe me something like accutane (even though it was so strong and I heard it does nothing for mild acne)

But I'm glad that I kept putting off making an appointment with the dr as I've found a natural alternative which has worked for MY skin. Like everyone everywhere stresses, what may work for my skin may not work for yours. Anyways it's bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar. I have only used this five times within two weeks and my skin is honestly 80% clear.

Part of me keeps beating myself up for not finding this out before but better late than never. Before two weeks ago I always tried to avoid being seen in direct sunlight because of all the bumps on my face but now I hardly even care!

So 1tbsp bentonite clay and 1tbsp of water and acv solution. PLEASE DILUTE THE ACV unless you know your skin won't react to concentrate acv. The first time I didn't know it would be so harsh and had to endure scabs on my face for a few days.

Hope someone who has suffered enough from persistent comedonal acne/ clogged pores will also benefit from this.

Thanks for reading x

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Hi, I am so desperate at this point to clear my acne and want to try this. first, where do you buy benonite clay?? And also, it's a mask, right? Or a cleanser? I've been on retin a for several months. Do you think this would be to aggressive for my skin? It's not very sensitive..

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I was using bentonite clay and acv,  and it stings,  it leaves my face feeling revitalise, it helps dry the acne but it leaves my face red because of the stinging. Then I tried diluting the acv with equal amount of water and thanks! It didn't sting on my face, maybe a little. I also have comedonal acne which is very frustrating because it is easily irritated, can't wear make up and such.  I hope to get the same Result. 

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