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all i ever wanted was a normal life but i cant because acne and acne scars , i cant have a social life or anything because of it and i feel locked up because i never can go out without worrying this really makes me sad when i think about because i work so hard to have clear skin and others do nothing and dont have it its not fair

just venting ......cry.gifcry.gifcry.gif

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I know it's really hard and it is extremely difficult to have a social life when we have acne but the truth is, a lot of people don't notice it. We are our own worst critics. Before I tell anyone that I suffer from acne, most of them are shocked but then are like "oh wow, i can kinda see it now". But before I said anything, no one noticed or cared. So if you act confident and pretend like you don't have acne, it is possible to have a social life.

Sometimes it doesn't seem fair that some people are blessed with perfect skin and don't have to do anything to maintain it. It's all in their genes. But keep in mind that everyone has something. People have different predispositions. Some people have issues like depression, or cancer, or other diseases in their blood. So don't feel too bad. It gets better. You just have to find a treatment that works for you. Then, acne will seem like something in the past and you can move on with your life. Just remember we are all in this together! You aren't alone. I hope you feel better soon :)

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Get on Accutane,

I second that.

I have had severe acne for about 7 years (or severe for like 5). Anyway, my skin looked real messed up. Now I'm on Accutane and its really doing wonders. Its still looks terrible, but I still got another 5 months and 20 days to go..

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Get on Accutane,

scaring will still occur with accutane.There are multiple threads, often inexpensive ways, that show how to treat and remove scars. Success depends upon the depth of the scar and type.

Essential day spa also has a HUGE list of different things and tutorials.

I get that your venting. We all need to. Just keep fighting.

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