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Folliculitis Regimen

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Hello Everyone,

I've had folliculitis since I was 16. My condition really started to become a problem when I turned 22. Most of my back of my scalp and now top was infected. While I slept, some of them would bleed. I have to keep changing my pillow case every two days.

Medical visits have been awful. No one really knows what it is, that is. I have visited 7 doctors. Let me see, shingles, regular acne, infected hair root, back to shingles...and etc, is what the medical doctors keep telling me.

My last dermatologist suggested steroids, anti fungal cream (for the 4th time), and an anti bacterial pill last year; January 2012. I was really hoping this treatment i was put on would work. I had a girlfriend at the time and I really wanted to impress her. I really do not want to say it, but I really did not feel attractive. I didn't want to be touched at all. I really felt like any touching or being intimate would infect someone. On top of that, steroids really did not help me with my emotions. It made me crazy to a point i had to see a therapist in February; just a few weeks after being put on the treatment.

The steroids made me gain weight. I am 5'5 and always kept my weight at 195 to 200. Steroids made me gain to 250. I had acne all over my body. It turns out, the anti bacterial pills made some people uneasy. The doctor said it causes depression. If you guys want to know the dosage and the name of the medicine. I will let you guys know. I have them kept at my parents house in case i need to retract my medicine records.

Now, I have lost some weight. I weigh 199 with some major improvements. My body acne is gone because I stopped taking the treatment. I am eating a lot healthier.

All I am using for my head is a simple bottle you have get at the grocery store. Apple Cider Vinegar. The top of my head was really infected. It's almost 85 percent gone. The back of the head, is 40 percent. Plus, I had some hair loss in the back but it is growing right back up. I would recommend everyone to use Vinegar. All it does is have a really awkward smell. Better than nothing I always say.

I want to say, sorry for my grammar. It is not the best. I will go back to proof read it later because I am very tired now lol. If anybody have questions let me know. I will update this every week or when i remember, but i will update it to keep track of it.

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My total weight as of today is 195. Yay me!! lol My condition has improved. I do see a lot of scar tissue but it's recovering back to normal. I am very glad to see this. I will update this in 2 weeks. Thanksgiving next week which only means one thing, FOOD!!! lol. Everyone take care during the holiday.

The only thing that really bothers me is the treatment my doctors put me through out the years. My trust towards them has diminish to a point of no return. By the way. if vinegar hasn't improved your case similar to mine; go see a traditional Chinese doctor. I see a lot of them go beyond to help people. I went to one who recommended me the vinegar. Well, it's iffy. He set me three acupuncture sessions. On the third one, I guess I had an epiphany. It was a strange event. I saw things about myself and I realize what went wrong. I also realize something my ex girlfriend said to me that sometimes the best treatment is something so simple that a doctor may not prescribe. I kept seeing a brown liquid. I told him and he said, vinegar. It took me 4 hours to get home because the nearest Chinese doctor was..4 hours away. I got into town and I went straight to the store to pick up a bottle. It took me a week to finally decide to use it. What made me use it a week later? because i was very skeptical. I woke up one day, a week afterward and I told myself, time to get rid of this thing. Bang, started working a week later.

You do not have to believe me. Some of it seems unbelievable which I do understand. But, this worked out for me. Eight years and nothing. I'm finally happy to see results.

I had a date last week. It went..AWESOME! I was still insecure about the date but I was okay though out the entire time. I am going back to sleep. I woke up sick this morning lol

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Thanks man!! I really appreciate the encouragement. I did have bacne. Vinegar cleared it right up too which i am so glad.


My scalp has cleared even further. The results have been amazing! I can now cut my hair shorter. YAY!! :).

So far, it looks like it may be a few months after it clears up completely. I can deal with that because of the results I am seeing as of today. All I have to do is keep my confidence up, keep thinking positive, and have faith.

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