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Convincing Derm On Accutane?

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Hello All,

I have been dealing with moderate to severe acne for about the last 2 years.

I had slight acne in highschool but nothing out of the ordinary for kids that age, but it has progressively gotten worse. So has my self esteem and confidence.

I have an appointment with my FOURTH dermatologist on monday.

How do I finally convince him that I need accutane?

My skin is an oil slick by noon everyday (if I shower around 8-9am).

I often have to shower twice a day just to clear + cleanse my face.

My acne is all jawline/chin/lip area. With occasional nose + forehead acne.

My sebaceous glands were most likely messed up by a workout supplement that I took freshman year of college.

ANY advice would be much appreciated!! :)

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Start talking about how it is hurting you mentally and that your self confidence is suffering. Say that you have researched every treatment option and want to use the one with the highest probability of success. Take it from me. I let my derm talk me out of Accutane when I was 19 and again at 23 and I regret it everyday as I still have acne at 26 and antibiotics, every retinoid, and every prescription never gave lasting results.

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Google "accutane sexual dysfunction" and then decide if you still want to roll the dice. If your one of the unlucky ones, the condition is "persistant"...meaning will stay long after stopping the drug. Some claim permanetly but that is hard to prove at this point.

The condition is very similar to "Post Finesteride Syndrome" which Merc still denies. See the PFS foundation site to learn about it...isotretinoin has almost exact same side effect, just not recognized to the degree of propecia victims.


P.S. I wish someone warned me about this "dirty secret"...I would never have risked it.

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Definitely do not talk about anything that might lead the derm to think you are depressed or are prone to depression.

Derms will give you Accutane if you`ve tried the regular prescription treatments and they don`t work. Just give him a list of everything you`ve tried and say none of it worked. If you`ve tried enough stuff that there isn`t really anything left to try, then you`ll get Accutane.

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I went off all acne treatments for a month. I went to a private derm and told her my doctor wanted me to do accutane and that's why I was there. Got it, starting tomorrow.

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