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I got prescribed Epiduo the other day from my doctor because I told him that my skin was really flakey and dry from using benzoyl peroxide on it. My skin is clear from the BP its just dry which I think I can fix in a bit of time.

My question is, what works better?

What can I expect If I switch now to Epiduo?

Which one is overall a better product to get rid of acne?

I don't want my skin to get worse, because it did not get worse when I started using BP. My skin is clear and I feel none coming up under the skin, so because my face is clear and clean, now will the Epiduo even make me break out? Because I have nothing under the skin to come up anymore? Other than maybe 1 small pimple every now and then which goes away in 1 day or 2 at the most.

Also is Epiduo a clear gel or white cream like the Benzac I am using now?

On my prescription is says (1mg-25mg) what does that even mean? How much is that?

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I've been on epiduo for almost 5 months after being on the acne.org regimen for years. In my case the regimen (lots of BP) works better than epiduo. My skin has gotten a little bit worse on epiduo, although not too bad. Everyone's different though, the only way you'll really know is by trying it out. Some people have had excellent results with epiduo. The 1mg/25mg refers to the fact that epiduo contains both benzoyl peroxide and differin. The benzoyl peroxide is 2.5 % strength, the differin 0.1%.

Good luck

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I really don't know if I should change from BP to Epiduo or to just stick to what I am doing now? So many bad reviews on the product page review of it...

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I had completely the opposite experience to the poster above. I used the Regimen applying 2.5% BP twice a day for a year and a half and it just made my skin red, dry and irritating without ever clearing me completely of acne. Now I've been using Epiduo for almost three months and my skin has cleared dramatically without any obvious irritation or dryness at all after the first week. I can put foundation on no problem and it doesn't make my skin red, tight or flakey.

So yeh I and much prefer Epiduo to the Regimen but when I was deciding whether to use it I also came across a lot of negative comments about it on the reviews page. I'm going to be a bit rude and say that I don't think a lot of the people who wrote those gave the Epiduo enough time to work or were using it correctly because it really is one of those treatments where less is more so if you slather a massive amount of it on your face you're always going to encounter severe problems with irritation. Retinoids usually produce a purge of some sort but as you don't sound to have anything much lurking under the skin I would imagine that for you that stage would be minimal or non-existent. Good luck with whatever you decide. :)

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