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Moderate Acne Or Milia? (Image Inside)

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Help I'm new to this and I need opinions!

Since about January my face has been breaking out in these small bumps that go down during the day in sunlight, and come back up during the night indoors. I can't pop them, and sometimes they blister and turn into huge pimples. Is this milia or mild acne? I have a dermatologist appointment on September the 4th but I don't want to be prescribed tazorac again because it just doesn't help my skin. I want to go into my appointment with a little bit of knowledge so they won't just throw any medication they get perks off of at me. Do you think oral antibiotics could clear it up quickly?

Heres a pic of my cheek, I also experience sebum build up on my nose and below my eye near the bridge of my nose. I also have very oily skin. Olay sensitive skin with spf 15 seems to irritate my skin and gives me small prickly rash like bumps all over my face and cetaphil moisturizer is to heavy.

I just purchased queen Helene mint julep mask for a few stubborn black heads and to seem if these bumps without a head will peel off. I've had no luck with the yes to tomatoes line, and I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide. Sometimes a random hive will pop up on my face throughout the day. I'm at a loss PLEASE HELP.unsure.png cry.gif eusa_snooty.gif



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That's definitely milia. I get them too, they don't really bother me since they're not painful, large or full of pus. Nobody really notices them either.

Don't try squeezing them because they're not actually within a pore, they're under your skin and forcibly removing one may cause bleeding and possibly scarring. I think there are treatments available that dermatologists can perform to safely remove them.

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