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How Many People Here Approach People They See With Acne?

Hey guys,

In short, i have found great success over the years with the regime. I was curious on how many people would actually approach someone they don't know for example on the street, in order to help them. Yes i understand the delicacy (especially for guys) of the situation however when i see someone with acne, every fibre in my body wants to help them. So last month I just did it. I saw this kid at the gym who has acne, and told him i know the situation, and told him all about the regime (of course in a very private manner). He was obviously embarrassed at the start however he is now starting the regime and hope he has success.

What is your honest opinion of this sort of situation?


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i dont u know.i feel he/she is going to feel bad which i don't want.

so i just pretend its not a big deal.

in fact, i've been thinking about it of late and i would love to share the lil' i know,hoping it would help him/her.

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I think it depends on the person, some people will get defensive right away and others might not care. I think it's worth a shot, since they could get something positive out of the situation. At the same time though, some people have tried everything and a random person who walks up to them telling them what they did to clear their skin may just make them feel irritated because they've been through it all.

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That's cool you seemed to be able to help someone and I hope it works out. But, maybe some people who have acne don't really mind having it. Maybe they're not looking for help. Going up to someone and trying to help them out of the blue seems very "Jehovah's Witness-y" to me (no offense if anyone believes in that). Go up to people if you think you can help, but I think that if someone really wanted help, they would reach out and search for it.

How about wearing a shirt that says "Ask me how I got rid of my acne!" :P

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