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Almost Done With Accutane But Still Breaking Out

I understand accutane can take the whole 6 months to work. But I'm on my last month now and I'm breaking out on my cheeks. I used to have PERFECT cheeks I just had bad cystic acne on my mouth/chin, forehead and back. My mouth/chin is perfectly clear which im so happy about because that was the worst! My forehead has like 2 tiny spots and my back is still improving every day. I'm extremely happy with my results It's just about 4 months into accutane I started breaking out on my cheeks and I still am but I'm almost done with my course. My cheeks aren't bad at all. Mild at the most just a few small whiteheads just I'm really concerned because I'm almost done and my cheeks just don't want to improve. I got a summer job which may be a part of it because I work outside and get all sweaty and dirty for long periods of time and I've been racing motocross this summer and get very very sweaty inside the helmet that just rubs my cheeks the whole time. Could those factors be causing it or has anyone else experienced a breakout in a new area on accutane that eventually went away? If anyone has any input I'd appreciate it!

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im on accutane- quarter way into the 3rd month and i have very very moderate acne to begin with. But I always seem to break out around my ... hem... my time of the month. Most people get one or two spots around this time- but oh no- not me. My periods are always bad and i get many spots because i have horrible anxiety. Like its horrible, if i dont have anything to worry about- i invent something to worry about. Anyways, the medicine between periods works great but then my body is just like out of wack. hopefully this will be wear off when i hit 20 next year.

But the concerns you stated above could cause your acne- but only your skin and your motorcycle helmet know that :)

Also- i have read many people comment how there acne cleared after finishing the course. But really this is just a website- write a sticky and talk to your derm next visit but he/she knows you best and will also know if the dosage needs to be changed or whatever

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Thanks for the reply good luck on your accutane course and I hope your skin calms down soon! And yeah I'm guessing it's the helmet and work because it's been cool at work this whole week and I didn't race and sure enough my cheeks cleared up and they're pretty much perfect right now. We'll see because this happened before and as soon as I got dirty again I broke out the next day.. I don't touch my face or anything there is just no way around getting dirty at work haha So yeah hopefully my skin still gets better when I'm done so I don't break out from that kind of stuff. I would actually talk to my derm but I had to switch derms because mine wasn't qualified for accutane treatment he had to be like a doctor or something I didn't want to change but now I have a new one and he creeps me and my mom both out so I just get the checkup and get out of there hahahah

And he did up me from 40 to 60 last month and it did seem to help!

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