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Why Did Nature Put So Many Sebaceous Glands On Our Face?i Mean What Purpose Does It Serve? Why Can't My Face Be Like My Hands Or Back?

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Haha, I seriously ask myself this everyday. I look at the perfect smooth skin on my hand or something and am just like "why...??"

I couldn't think of a logical reason why. I read that the oils on our face can help act as 'barrier' to keep bacteria out, but on the other hand, the rest of our skin does that too without being excessively oily. I've also read that the role of sebum is still unclear. I guess that's why Accutane is prescribed, because it literally shrinks the oil glands.

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Who knows, could be because the face is more exposed to the elements such as wind and sebum would help protect against wind, dust, etc...I guess? I mean with acne being such a common affliction ud think it would have been weeded out through evolution, but yea I mean it makes no sense :/. Tbh all this extra sebum is pointless as crap.

And HA! I wish my back looked like my hands. yay for inflamed pustules!

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ugh ikr. It's like, almost every health problem shows in the face :[ but I wouldn't go on accutane even though it shrinks sebaceous glands because I've heard of the glands on the edge of people's eyelids not functioning properly after accutane.. then they have a very severe dry eye problem that's one of the worst especially for people who wear contacts. I have MGD (inflamed glands on the eyelids) so I know it sucks very much lol

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