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Bug Bite Or Pimple?

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Ok guys, so I don't often come on here seeking help anymore, but this is I am very curious about, since it is summer and there are bugs. everywhere.

How do you distinguish a pimple from a bug bite?

First of all, I'm covered in bug bites at the moment. It is very unpleasant. I have one particular bug bite on my forehead that doesn't really itch as far as I know, but doesn't seem to be affecting one particular pore. There is no mass to it really it just looks like a little swelling. There doesn't seem to be any pus inside it or anything.

Usually, I'm familiar with getting blemishes, but this doesn't look like a blemish to me. I do have 2 other bug bites on my face, one above my lip and the other below my eye. Agh it's really annoying.

I figured it would be okay to ask on this forum because it has to do with skin and acne, so... Yeah. any help/answers/advice I could get would be great.

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well i had what u describe a few days ago.although mine itched.

and i dnt think mine was a bug bite.

are urs similar to the ones u have above ur lips?

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I have had bug bites on my face before that do not itch. I know for sure that they were bug bites because my husband saw them bite me. For some reason the histamines did not cause itching on my face which is weird because the rest of my skin itches incessantly with any little irritation! The bites healed faster and better than any pimple I've ever had! You could try some hydrocortisone cream to decrease the inflammation.

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