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Please Help Me Find The Reason Of My Acne

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so here is the story:

i had acne of some sort from age 16. the weird thing is that i was almost acne free during my basic training in the military which lasted four months,the food was horible,the water tasted like plastic,not to mention the sweat i was covered in for at least 12 hours of the day,and as you may imagine i did not use any creams,moisturizers etc...

and yet,i only had like 2 or 3 small zits at most.

the funny part is when i was back home after 2 weeks my acne some how got worse,and then back at the base got better again..

and now when im done with my service the damn acne is back with fu**ing reinforcements. it got much worse

does someone has a clue what is causing my acne?

i would really apreciate the help

P.S:all the grammar nazis please show some mercy,english is not my native language :)

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The truth is, nobody knows what causes or triggers acne. Please don't waste your time trying to find some root cause. Go to your doctor or dermatologist. They will try to help you.

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I'm on the fence about "reasons" behind acne. Yes, there are certain elements that might influence your skin, but genetically, your skin isn't likely to magically clear up with a healthy diet or exercising.

The only catalyst to my post-Accutane acne was a medication, which is a biological thing.

Visit a dermatologist. If you don't want to be put on medication, they will likely give you strategies to try and see if your acne clears up. Don't worry so much over the "cause", because it might be something that you can't fix without help.

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I would think it's likely a change in diet and exercise levels as well as stress and outdoor surroundings. It will be a trial and error recovery hopefully you figure out what works for you.

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