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In Depth Reviews For Products

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Hi guys,

Although Dan has made a great review section on the site, I found that there are also many reviews on *Moderator edit, site info removed*

, helped me decide what peel to choose in the past. Check it out, this isn't spam or anything


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1stly,am sure paul and Dan appreciate ur suggestion and i totally agree on 'elaborate reviews' which would include ingredient lists and respective functions but i dont think comparing it with other sites is right.

1stly because the format of the websites in question is totally different.

while our acne.org is mostly based on what several users experience , most other beauty blogs (of the kind u mentioned) is a personal perspective.

so u will gain more perspective here.which i hope is helpful for u.

and 2ndly, i'll pass on what paul had told me when i asked him about modifying the review format.

since its an open to all review system, absolutely no rule might pose a problem.

what i inferred he meant is demanding too much information from general users who may or not be well aware of technical aspects can have adverse effects.

we wouldnt want wrong informations,would we?

having said that,

i think we will keep sharing ideas and bugging paul for a more improved review system.

which would have ingredients and their specific functions stated.


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Ok I agree with some points that you brought up, but I feel acne.org has a sole purpose to help people with acne. I hope it hasn't become so commericalised as to restrict people in the information they can reach.

Personally I base my buys solely on reviews, what else can you base it on? whilst acne.org does do a tremendous job at attempting to help members, there are still many products out there which lack reviews. Reviews are only helpful in bulk, 3-4 reviews on one product don't do it justice in either a positive or negative light.

Regardless, thanks for the reply and if this thread needs to be deleted so be it.

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i assure u acne.org is there to help acne sufferers like us and will always be there.

i am a lil' confused as to what u want?

an elaborate review or many reviews by various users.

if posts were to get deleted just because its not 'for' acne.org,many many posts would already have been deleted.

but thats not the case.

although i feel this is the wrong forum.

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Boyo, I agree that having in depth reviews by many people on a product is certainly helpful towards contributing to your own research on whether a product is going to be suitable for you or not. Acne.org however does not accept advertising of any type (even in individual posts) so that we may remain free of commercial interference and continue to maintain an open community of support and free information exchange, untainted by commercial influence.

Quote from the community rules:


We do not allow advertising or soliciting in any form. This includes linking to or advertising other products or web sites in your posts, signature, status updates, blogs, galleries, messages and on your profile page. We allow one exception: if you need to link to a product you are currently using in your skin care regimen and need to ask a question on a one time basis. We also do not allow any advertising to sell any products on the Acne.org forums. This includes new or used products, regardless of brand or type. That pertains to offering to give people products as well. There are many web sites on which you can advertise, so please use those services if you wish to sell unwanted products.

There are many sites available that provide reviews on products which are all available using a search engine.


AyeAye - Acne.org Moderating team

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