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No Idea What This Is... *pics*

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Hello, I'm new here to this forum and English isn't my native language so bear with me.

A couple of weeks ago i my forehead started to get oily and full off these small bumps. My skin has always been on the sensitive side especially on my forehead as I think my skin here is thin. I've got dermographism which makes my skin very easily red/bruised, but only on my forehead the skin can get red and irritated just by washing it with water or very gently brushing it with a towel i.e.

It doesn't itch very much (or not at all), but skin feels a bit tight/sore if I raise my eyebrows.

I'm having a doctor appointment tomorrow, but already I've ordered consultation with dermatologist. Thing is here in Norway we have very few dermatologists around so I have to wait 10 weeks before I can see him. (This is private sector also -.-)

I'm adding a picture here for you to see and judge, maybe some of you have or had this condition.

Thank you in advance!

Link for picture: http://pbrd.co/14MsCx5


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Went to my doctor today, and he said I had sebhorreic eczema. So he decided to write a prescription for me of Tetracycline oral antibiotics and Differin gel... This seems to be quite wrong? Or what do you guys think? Well so I went to the drugstore and this lady pharmascist helped me to find this shampoo named Fungoral and a antifungal-cream with Clotrimazol Mylan. So now I've just done my first try with these two. Hope it works!

You guys got any other tips for battling this condition? Pleaase answer :)

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I think we have the same condition.. Here is a link to my post about it:

It might look slightly different than yours in those pictures but in certain lighting/ up close it looks pretty much identical. You can also see that I have some regular comodones/ pimples among them but the skin between them appears identical to yours.

It seems that the symptoms match several conditions and it's hard for me to be sure what it is without seeing a doctor (and even then I'm not sure they'll diagnose it correctly). Fungal conditions seem like a good bet to me based off of what I've read though. I recently purchased some anti-fungal shampoo as well, I just haven't brought myself to use it yet, mostly out of paranoia of irritating my skin. I'm in the process of getting an appointment with a dermatologist which could end up taking a similar amount of time to what you mentioned.

Anyways, I would GREATLY appreciate it if you kept me posted in this thread on any updates you might have, in regards to how that shampoo/ cream works out, what your doctors say, or anything else. I know the first thing you'll probably want to do when/ if it gets cleared up is to just forget about it all, but if you could please give an update here it would be extremely appreciated, and I promise to do the same.

Thanks so much and good luck!

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Been using the shampoo 3 times now, and using the cream for 6 days.... Can't really say there has been an improvement. Maybe it has even gotten a bit worse :S got small pimples on different spots on my face, may be because of the stress/depression this condition puts me in.

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I've heard that it's supposed to take a week or two to see results so it's probably not a bad idea to stick with it.

I started using Nizoral shampoo on my face the other night (used 3 times now). Too soon to say whether it's working or not but I've got a good feeling it should help based off of what I've read.

Thanks for touching base; keep doing so if you find the time, please.

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Is your forehead also geting really oily some hours after washing it? Like its really dry after washing, but later it gets oily?

Do you just massage it on the face and dont use it on your hair? How often do you use the Fngoral/Nizoral shampoo? Is it 2% or 1% ketoconazole?

Is your forehead also inflamed? Like it gets a bit red after showers or stings when you raise the eyebrows? I got this and think I'm gonna try a 1% hydrocortisone for some days...

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My forehead does get a bit oily after a few hours, but I think it's mostly because of the hot weather where I live at this time of year.

The Nizoral (2%) dries my skin out quite a lot which makes the oiliness feel less 'natural' too because when I sweat or become more oily, it's dampening my dry skin. I'm waiting a few days before I start using moisturizer after the Nizoral use because I've heard that the fungus will have a harder time surviving on dry skin and I'd like to zap it hard within these first few days (not sure how smart this is, just seems like a decent plan in my mind as long as it's not ridiculously dry). It's not horribly dry, not even flaking; it just feels uncomfortable and tight.

I massage the Nizoral onto my forehead, temples, and a bit of my cheeks. I try to have it lather a bit on the skin and wash with it just like any other cleanser, then I let it sit for 3-5 minutes. I'm planning on letting it sit a bit longer as my skin gets more used to it. Since I started using it last Sunday night, I've been using it twice a day; morning and night. I've been taking two showers a day just so that the rinsing is less of a hassle (I work in a dusty environment too, so I've been doing a light cleansing with my usual cleanser BEFORE using the Nizoral in the evenings). I've washed my hair with it a couple times as well but I'm wary of doing it every day as I am worried about aggravating my scalp which I never have problems with.

I wouldn't say that my forehead is 'inflamed'. It doesn't seem to be very irritated after showers or when I raise my eyebrows. The only feeling I really get from it is light-moderate itchiness or burning when I sweat a lot (which has actually seemed to stop since starting the use of Nizoral; I take that as a little good sign)

Again, I'm still really not positive what my condition is, but a couple of the potential candidates seem to be helped by using Nizoral so I'm giving it a shot. I do, however, have a pretty good feeling about it's likelihood to work. And if it doesn't, I can cross some things off the list and move on to other possibilities. Hopefully the dermatologist I see at the end of the month will have some competent opinions even if I do clear it up by then.

The cortisone might be something to look into considering the inflammation. I don't know anything about cortisone, but I hope you use it safely and reasonably if you do!

Please stay in touch!

(Sorry for the length of the post)

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