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I've been using differin cream for about 17 weeks and I don't have an improvement. In fact I think it's made it worse. My skin always has at least 6 cysts on my right cheek and 1 or 2 on my left cheek. I get blackheads on my chin too. Also when I put on makeup to cover all the scars you'd think that all that would be shown on my cheeks then would just be the cysts and smoothness. That is not the case. Around the cysts and all along my cheeks are a bunch of tiny little bumps and uneven surface. My skin is not smooth anywhere and I've been on differin for 17 weeks already and my skin is still this bad. I use cetaphil wash after a day of wearing makeup usually around 4 pm then I'm makeup free until 10 where I wash my face again and then apply the pea sized cream. Btw I use makeup forever hd foundation and concealer everyday. I don't know what could still be causing my acne. Please help!

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You're 4 months in with little improvement so its time to re evaluate. Differin is unfortunately the least irriating retinoid and unfortunately it can be useless if your acne is more thann mild. You may want to tru retin A at night with BP in the am.

As for makeup, it is highly recommended you STOP using it when you just start an acne regimen so that you can truly evaluate if it is really working. Makeup can cause more acne and slow down the healing process

Good Luck

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I have been on retinoids for the past 4 months (retin a and differin). After 2 months of hellish purging they cleared me up like 95%, but I still have a few clogged pores that come and go. I was wondering if continual retinoid use will always causes clogs to some extent because it is continually exfoliating and drying the skin. I used to have a lot less clogged pores and I only used differin as a spot treatment, which I know is not how it is prescribed, but it worked that way for me for years. Does anyone else have any experience with long term retinoid use?

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