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Cystic Acne Spot Which Is Healing Scarring Very Oddly - Please Help!

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Hi I was wondering whether anyone could help me.

I've suffered on off with Acne since my late teens (now in my early 30's) after several courses of acutane and the pill and using a good regime my acne is more manageable and seems to come in in fits and starts.

Recently though I've had the biggest spot I have had in years!!!!!! And I mean years. Very much a cystic spot whit a deep small head, I'm much better at not picking these days so just dried it out over a couple of wks with my usual stuff then eventually got rid of the head, not much came out - this was at the beginning of March, it seemed to be healing slowly but ok. Then in May it seemed to come back almost overnight, it was very odd almost (but wasn't 100%) looked like there was two whiteheads on the place where the larger spot had been - sort of over the scar?? It was quite sore and almost quite itchy - never in all my years I encountered something like this. Anyway I put my normal drying lotion on (strong salicylic acid based) it seemed to dry out the heads which seemed to go quite quickly over the course of the next day but the scar area then seemed to grow quite quickly in size into a hard, smooth, raised nodule. This was over 3 weeks go and I've been trying various things but it just won’t dry out AT ALL nothing seems to touch it and I swear to God just as it seems to be going down slightly it almost gets bigger again. There's no head and it is now not painful/sore in the slightest but is very red and looks like it should be it is also dry round the outside of it.

Never experienced anything like this in all the time I've suffered it just doesn't seem to be improving. Can anyone shed any light on this, can't get into the derm for another 4 weeks (already been waiting

Thanks in advance.

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I would seek out a private derm, there has to be someone in your area that can see you if you explain the situation. This happened to me and quite quickly I ended up with very severe acne. You may need to have it drained/excised. There is material in there that is not going away on it's own.

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