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Need Some Help On Huge Pores!w/ Pic

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Sorry if this is the wrong section to post . I have moderate acne with some scarring. I also have oily skin and for the past year have noticed pores all on my nose, under the eyes, around the chin and under the nose. I apply biacna everynight for my acne and use a moisturizer and cleanser. I apply a mud mask once a week. Other than that, I dont really do anything else.

I really do not like the look of the pores on my face especially considering they look bigger when my face is oily and the weather is all sunshine.

I badly need help. Is there anything I can do to at least minimize?

P.S. My parents do have big noticeable pores on their faces but I'm only 17. if it is genetics, is it too early?

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a bha wash(mild to start with) instead of ur daily cleanser.

choose the % as per the weather there.


Im sorta new to these things. So if you dont mind me asking, what is a bha wash and where can i get it?

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beta hydroxy acid face wash.

it is suppose to unclog pores,remove upper dead layer and also keep u drier for some time.

just select the % and pH properly.

1% or less to start with and 5.5 pH

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