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What's The Dose Of (Ro)Accutane You Took?

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Well, long story short, I took Ro-Accutane 3 months ago and now I'm on Severe Dry Eyes. I might have other problems like necks/knees pains, hair loss, anxiety but they are minors and go unnoticeable with the damage that happened to my eyes (especially that I work with computers).

I wanted to start this thread so that each users (who wants to contribute) specify the amount of ro-accutane (or any other brands) that he took and the side effects that happened to him.

I'll start

Duration: 3.6 months

Daily Dose: 30mg

Total: around 3,300mg

Weight: 61kg

Age: 22

Time since stopping: 3 months

Current consequences:

- Severe, paralysing and painful dry eyes

- Some hair loss and hair quality damage

- Some joints/morning pains but it's minor and not sure if caused by accutane

- Anxiety/depression (lots better than when I was on medication).

Looking for your contributions.

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Duration: 6 months

Daily dose: *varies* - 1st month 30mg, 2-4th month 50mg, 5-6th month 70mg

Weight: 75kg

I was lucky not to have any lasting consequences, as soon as I finished my treatment all the side effects vanished.

I had minor, common side effects like: dry sking, very dry lips, sore muscles, loss of energy

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