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Has Anyone Had Success W/ Switching To Organic Non Gm Food?

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I just started this I'm hoping for some results. My derm actually suggested it, hope it helps a little bit.

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I had success by eating real whole nutrient dense foods. These days, I eat mostly organic, especially with foods that really need to be organic. But not at first.

Organic r not isn't what's going to make the difference unless you have some intolerance to the pesticides and other chemicals. What makes a difference is avoiding high glycemic impacting meals, drinks and snacks and other processed food crap like hydrogenated/trans fats and HFCS. And anything you have an intolerance for.

instead, consume foods with nutrients.

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No, but;

My daughter started getting pimples when she was 8, and by age 11 she had nasty small red pimples all over her forehead and nose.

After lots of internet research we eliminated milk from her diet. The improvement was immediate.

We have found that she also gets pimples from soy milk.

She is vegetarian, but in my research some people reported getting acne when they ate meat, and in particular beef - though we wouldn't know.

It is pretty much accepted that hormones that cause acne, and the hormones in these particular foods seem to create an overload.

it must be noted that everybody is different. Some people never get pimples regardless of what they eat, and others may get pimples from some foods but not from milk. Nevertheless I believe milk is the major culprit in most cases of acne.

My daughter eats yoghurt, cheese and chocolate, only in small quantities and not often, and this doesn't seem to affect her skin. Other than that she has always had a very healthy diet - lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

She is 14 now and has lovely skin.

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I don't know, I recently discovered a lot of the organic food I've been eating is GMO. Since nothing is labeled gmo it's difficult to know which brands to trust.

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