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Hey everyone,

I am an 19 year old boy and have experienced regular skin problems since 10th grade. Fortunately, these problems haven't included ance per se, just constantly pimples. Over time they seem to have only gotten worse which is beyond frustrating because most of my friends have been through their phases of bad skin and are now in the clear. To make matters worse, many pimples leave a clearly noticeable red mark which seems impossible to banish!

My usual regimen involves: a) using some exfoliating lotion with hot water, b) wiping my face with anti-bacterial wipes, c) dabbing a cotton wool ball with witch hazel on the inflamed areas, d) apply rosehip oil sparingly to the red marks.

A few months ago a doctor prescribed me Doxycycline Hydrochloride which had little to no affect.

I have long thought that the catalyst for my skin problems was sugar, because whenever I drank heaps of soft drink of indulged in too many lollies, the following morning would reveal a new breakout. But since this discovering I have done my best to minimise all sugar intake. Even so, the pimples show no sign of slowing down.

I cannot understand how someone who keeps their skin oil free and cleansed regularly, CONSTANTLY, develops new skin problems.

When the breakout passes, I will no doubt be left with more small, red blotches on my face which hopefully the witch hazel and rosehip oil will improve marginally.

If anyone here has advice or tips pertaining to my current regiment, anything at all, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again,


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Oil and bacteria don't cause acne. I would ditch the wipes immediately. Also, pimples = acne, two different words for essentially the same thing

Lingering red blotches (for more than, say, 2-4 weeks) indicate insufficient wound healing, which may be an outcome of vitamin deficiencies/poor diet. Smoothies help here (vegetable+fruit, or just fruit if you aren't fond of vegetables; I like to make smoothies with bananas, frozen berries, cod liver oil, an egg, some protein powder or a green drink powder, yogurt, and honey. Basically anything that's super healthy and would go well in a smoothie)

If you eat/drink any dairy, I would cease.

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My usual regimen involves: a) using some exfoliating lotion with hot water, b) wiping m, c) dabbing a cotton wool ball with witch hazel on the inflamed areas, d) apply rosehip oil sparingly to the red marks.

Hi, I see a few probs with your regimen right off the bat. First of all, go really easy on the exfoliating. you said with a lotion, not sure what that means, but you used the word exfoliating so im assuming you're doing that to some extent. exfoliating with active pimples present can exacerbate and cause red marks. i don't exfoliate for this reason at all when I have acne, although I do use something topically to deal with the acne. (african black soap and salycilic acid) Okay second, you said you use hot water. Use warm water. Hot water, unless by that you meant warm, is not good for the skin. It will also exacerbate redmarks or at least make them look worse than they are. Some people say to wash with cold/luke warm but I think warm is fine. Third, not sure what antibacterial wipes are but they sound kind of odd. your face needs healthy bacteria to function and maintain balance; disinfecting it might be inadvertently causing more pimples. you'll probably be better off finding something with salycilic acid in it or something else someone recommends who knows what they're talking about. bp is also not good, unless you're completely desperate. Third, i've heard negative things about witch hazel mostly due to the alcohol in it. I used to use an alcohol based toner too and liked it, but overall it's just drying the skin, which is not great in the long run and contributes to more acne. like i mentioned before, something with salycilic acid in it or an alcohol free toner would be better. it might be more expensive, but its probably worth it. Rosehip oil is probably fine.

In regards to the sugar, sugar is not good for acne in excess amounts. soda and candy are the simplest of sugar and therefore quite bad. eating a cookie is probably better because it has protein and fat in it to balance the sugar, but those other products are basically like hooking an iv of sugar up to your blood. You probably already know this, and everything in moderation I think is okay BUT really there's no nutritional value and point to drinking soda or eating candy. Try eating a piece of fruit when you want those things, it's still sweet. Like a whole mango or a bunch of strawberries. Also, when you change your eating habits (even for the better) your acne can still be "bad". Skin changes often lag way behind changes we make. Girls who start hormonal treatments often wait 3-4 months to see improvements. you'll prolly have to give it more time. just keep doing research on here (but don't believe everything you read, be skeptical and use other peoples mistakes to inform yourself) and follow your instincts. xoxo

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also one more thing to reduce red marks: really try not to pop any of your pimples unless they're about to burst on their own. then just gently put two fingers, with tissue, to the sides of the zit and press down gently. if it doesn't pop with minor pressure, leave it alone. squeezing aggressively at clogged pores is no good, mark wise. also, don't pick any scabs. let them fall off on their own. its hard, but i hardly ever get hyperpigmentation for this reason. and be gentle when you wash your face so you're not breaking off scabs.

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^I agree, do not use harsh products on your skin especially the wipes, They can overstip the oil which in turn causes your skin to produce even mor oil (doesnt make sense but its true).

Heres what worked for me, a gentle wash with no scrub, like cetaphil or purpose, followed by either a salicylic acid lotion or benzoyl peroixide 2.5, not too much at first or youll get drying and flaking. A non scented non oily moisturiser. If you feel the need for a toner use green or chamomile tea bags. Dont scrub your skin just use your fingers and ont use hot water, just warm.

Gettring rid of the sugar is a good idea too, as you know it is a factor. Dont go crazy I mean, dont cut everything out just dont overdo it soda, candy, cakes etc should be very occasional. For me too much alcohol causes small breakouts.

Try this or similar for a few months if it doesnt help see a derm but DONT take antibiotics or accutane because these will only make problems worse in the future.

Good luck.

I changed my diet and severely restricted everything...didnt do a damn thing for my acne. Im not saying you should eat gobs of sugar and fried food, as you know it doesnt help, but acne isnt caused by food. It may be exacerbated but most people cant fix acne by changing their diet alone.

You could also take a look at this thread:

Not sure I have the willpower to get through that..

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