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Hey Cupcakes

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Hi there! First of all, I wanted to tell to each of you how wonderful you are, this forum is amazing.

Second of all, I came here for advice. I have been having acne for five years or so, I am 20. I was on accutane, it did wonders, had flawless skin, yet three months after quitting, the acne reappeared.

I have been using Retin-A for five months now and it is the best thing I have ever tried, and I tried everything. It got me rid of acne, I get a pimple once in a while but hey, who doesn.t?

My routine: I wake up, I take a shower and I wash my face with warm and then I switch to cold water. I don.t use a cleanser in the morning because my face doesn.t get dirty over night, and I read somewhere that while you are sleeping, your skin produces healthy oils on the skin. After showering, I use an spf +30 cream. In the evening, I wash my face with a cleanser and then I apply Retin-A. I do it every other night. Oh, and whenever I get a pimple, I apply a cream named Brevoxyl, which contains benzoyl peroxide, on it, and it is really effective.

Now my questions: Is there anything else I should do? I mean, this routine works really well for me and I will stick to it, but is there anything else I could improve? Or is there anything I am doing wrong? My skin looks pretty good now. I noticed a lot of people are take pills, is there anything worth taking? I wouldn.t want to glut myself with supplements, but if there is anything really useful, I will totally try it out.

I have a couple of red spots and some scarring, is there anything besides Retin-A I could try?

Also, what is your experience with La Roche Posay products? I use their cleanser and it seems to be pretty effective, not to mention their Anthelios AC sunscreen is amazing. I would love to try a more natural cleanser, is there anything on the market?

Thank you so very very very much! Have a wonderful day!

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hi, welcome to the site I found ialso found it helpful especially talking to people with the same issues :-)

First of all are you male or female? If you are female chances are your acne is hormonal, most acne is.

Im glad youve hot it mostly under conrol retin-a works great for a lot of people. For me, the benzoyl peroxide topical worked well for several years but when my hormones got really out of whack, nothing I put on my face helped.

I began taking yaz birth control and had clear skin in 4 months--after 20 years with acne. If you dont want to take birth control or if you are male, some supplements also lower androgens(hormones which can cause acne). They are saw palmetto, nettle, dong quai, and spearmint(tea or capsules).I take a supplement called hairomega 3-in-1 which has helped also. At the very least a good vitamin with zinc, selenium, bitin and vitamin d is good for your skin. I dont know if you mean 'supplements" when you say "pills" but whatever you take naturally cant be as bad as accutane. I had a horrible experience with it, the acne almost always comes back and Id recommend not taking another course.

I dont know much about La Roche Posay maybe someone else will. Good luck!

good luck!

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You are so very nice, thank you lots! I am male, I cannot really take birth control, haha.

My face is clear right now, only a little redness on the cheeks, but it doesn.t bother me that much. The thing is that I wanna keep it that way, hehe, and I wanna try my best. When I said pills, I was referring to supplements. Hmm, I.ll take the vitamins together with zinc into consideration. Haven.t heard of spearmint, but I.ll do some research.

Thank you.

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My motto is this: If its not broken, don't fix it. Don't add anything else to your regimen if you don't need to. I would recommend though juicing or blending veggies on a daily basis to get your vitamins in rather than take supplements. Also, vitamin D is a good idea alongside a multi vitamin

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