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Solution To Red Marks After Scab - Please Help

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Ok, so I am very lucky to have pretty good skin...but I am my own worst enemy and just did something stupid.

I've felt something under my skin for the last week and on Sunday I went to pop it and nothing came out. Maybe it was a clogged pore but there was nothing in there. So a scab formed. On Monday I accidentally picked the scab off and it looks really red...a big red mark is now there.

I called my dermatologist and he said not to let another scab form and to keep it moist. I've been applying Neosporin on it 4-5 times a day and it just looks really red. I wish another scab formed so it could start healing but he said to keep it moist. I really hope I didn't scar myself by picking at it but right now theres a big red mark. (It's not open anymore...just red). And this isn't red marks from Acne...this is like I gave myself a wound red mark.

So do I keep applying Neosporin on it or do I start with Vitamin E? This just happened Monday (all from me) so I'm wondering if I can prevent scarring/red marks and how?

I keep it covered with a band aid at work and open when I'm at home...but Neosporin all the time.

What do you recommend so I avoid red marks?

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you're good. I've done that a bazillion times. Follow the derm's directions. keep neosporin on it and it'll go away. sometimes it takes days. the only cure is to leave it alone. get your mind off of it and never squeeze anything again. (easier said than done, I know)

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Ok the wound has healed and is closed up. There is still a little red mark on it. Would now be the time to stop putting neosporin and start putting vitamin e on it? Or should I just leave it alone.

I know this thing is a temporary reddish scar that should go away with time but I'm just wondering what to do next.

Any advice would be great.

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