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Antibiotic-Alcohol Solution

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Hey, guys!

Hypothetical question here:

Some time ago I came across the following - taking 5-10 capsules of chlornitromycin and putting the antibiotic from the capsules in a small bottle of salicylic alcohol. It did a remarkably good job at fixing me up but i built a resistance in about 6 months. So my question is - does this method work with other antibiotics as well? For example Biseptol (Bactrim) is an oral antibiotic, but my acne is not nearly severe enough and it's not worth the side effects so i wondered if i could just make an alcohol solution and use it instead?

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That might work. Tell us how your home compounding works out.

Or you could consider Bactroban, which is an antibacterial ointment made from mupirocin -- this is not the same active ingredient as Bactrim but the two seem to have similar effects. Bactroban from Thailand is about $25 for 30 grams.

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I'm actually using Baneocin at the moment, which is Bacitracin + Neomycin and salicylic alcohol. It does work, not so good though, since ointments make my skin too oily and with summer coming I don't think it will be the best solution. Anyway, will probably crush some Biseptol pills equal to the chlornitromycin I was mixing and we'll see if it works.

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