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What Can I Do To Improve My Diet? Tough With Food Allergies

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Hi, this is what I have been eating for the past few weeks


Oatmeal with Brown Sugar or Eggs


Can of Chickpeas, low salt

Bag of Frozen Brown Rice and Vegetables


Salmon with Orange Jelly and a little Horseraddish

Sweet potatoe

1 or 2 cups of coffee and 2-3 fiber one chocolate and oat bars

This is what I have been eating to stay healthy because I live with parents and these are the healthiest choices. I am looking to start shopping more with them so I can pick out more foods that are healthy to me.

My problems with allergies:I don't eat any nuts. Lots of uncooked vegetables and fruits give me trouble. My throat gets itchy when I eat a raw apple, or somtimes grapes, and oranges.

I've read that eating food your allergic too is bad for your skin.

What are some canned foods I can eat that are good for my diet or easy to prepare, microwaveable stuff. I just want more options because I don't really have that much variety. What are non carb foods that I can cook easily. Also what are some good vitamins to take cause I'll buy some of those too.

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Meat and fish! Are great. A healthy brand. of chicken sausage is really easy to make, I just chop a spinach/feta sausage up and cook it for a few minutes in olive oil till its a little brown on each side, tastes delicious. Rice pasta I think tastes even better than normal pasta (more al dente texture), and all you have to do is boil some water for that. You can add tomato sauce and cheese if you aren't allergic to those.

Yogurt is a wonderful food, provided you're not sensitive to dairy. I like chobani greek yogurt, highest fat possible (they sell mostly 0% these days, kinda annoying)

You could spruce up your eggs by adding ham and cheese, or other toppings if you like chopped peppers or onions. A bit harder to make. If you're daring, you can make an omelette. Hard the first time, but it gets easier with practice.

Uhhmm so I just read the canned part. Hmmmmm none of the stuff I mentioned is really canned :P

Canned foods are generally not great choices. They often contain lots of preservatives and salt. If they're acidic, they can degrade the linings of the can, and make the food somewhat toxic.

Anyways, you seem to be allergic to lots of stuff. Were you breastfed? You could try colostrum to modulate your immune system. I'm using it right now, and after 1 week (got some breakouts from the IGF) my sensitivities are settling down.

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Hi Stoompy,

First of all, good job taking the initiative to eat healthily. I know it can be difficult when your family isn't always making healthy choices.

Here is my advice:

1. Think FRESH. Avoid canned or processed foods (if it comes in plastic packaging and contains preservatives and/or chemical flavoring think twice).

2. I don't see many vegetables on your list. For optimal health, we need to eat a generous amount of leafy vegetables (like spinach, kale, and bok choy) every day. I eat steamed leafy greens twice a day.

3. Avoid refined sugar. It's a pure junk food and it has no nutritional value. It's very hard to give up but once you do you'll be happy you overcame that addiction. I've been sugar free for over a year and I don't regret it or even miss it.

4. Find out if you are sensitive to gluten. The best way to do this is to eliminate gluten for about a month, then reintroduce it and see how your body responds.

What do you think of this menu:

Breakfast: eggs with steamed butternut squash

Lunch: stir fry made of chicken, brown rice, bok choy, peppers, and carrots

Supper: salmon, sweet potato, and steamed spinach

Snacks: fruit of choice

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1st thing in the morning : a cup of warm water with half a lemon in it.

10-15 mins later, breakfast : fruits(papaya/grapes(green or black) /cucumber/ apple)..i either have two or more types each day..i hardly have all together. + an egg(cooked with few drops of olive oil)

i'm thinking of having it with home-made curd(yoghurt) for the probiotics(bcoz it does seem to effect me.i noticed after trial-error method)

lunch: i have white rice(not too much..i eat less anyway.so yes,compared to how much most people eat.i have less) + pulses(varies each day..there are 3-4 kind thats common here) + vegetables(curries or just gravy less dishes as side dishes.they vary everyday..from cabbage,brinjal,pumpkin,ladies finger,gourds of different kind etc etc. potato is almost constant everyday.i try to have less.not evn one full big potato in a day.) + fish(about 4/5/6 days a week cooked in gravy.although we dont get fishes like salmon,tuna..but other sweet or salt water fish here in bengal)

i'm having sweet potato(boiled and mashed).

i try to include leaves like spinach or other kind of leaves.but i cant eat it everyday.may be 2-3 days a week.

i also try to have something bitter(like stir fried neem leaves or bitter gourd boiled and mashed).

evening snack : either

sauteed vegetables (capsicum,cabbage,beans,carrots).sometimes i had an egg or prawns etc.

i add garlic(lots).

try to avoid ketchup etc.


fruits(cucumber/apple/ etc)

dinner : 2(or 2 and a half) roti (thats oil less flat bread of india).its made of whole wheat.

i have it with any vegetable(varies just as in lunch)

also a small bowl of pulses most days.

i dont eat much.

so whatevr variety i eat..it's in less amount but everything.

also i have about 3-4 litres of water and zevit capsules.

what do u think???

any suggestions?

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Three easy changes

1) add more greens.

2) have the eggs, not the oatmeal. Unless you want to make a much improved bowl of oats (more whole, soaked/fermented with nuts fruit, spices, etc) than the average oatmeal. But even then, eggs are a better option. Ideally with greens and/or other veggies.

3) ditch the fiber one or whatever processed bars.

What do you drink?

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having eggs once(atleast) a day is something that should be done unless u r a vegetarian.

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