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Not-For-Acne Antibiotics And Their Effect On Acne?

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I have an ear infection and was prescribed antibiotics (Augmentin 625mg) to take.

I've read that antibiotics have an effect on acne and that once you stop taking them, acne gets worse.

Is this true? Should I just use other stuff on my ear infection?

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Just figured it out!

To all of you who suffer from an ear infection but are unwilling to risk antibiotics messing up your skin:

Use the antihisthamine Xyzal 5mg two times a day

Use ear drops NeoDeca 5ml two times a day

I had a REALLY bad infection and its already going away 24 hours after it first came. I could feel the pus draining, the swelling is going down and NO MORE THROBBING PAIN!

Recommended cure!

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Okay, stop telling people not to take antibiotics, some things HAVE to be treated with antibiotics. I would suggest during and after taking the antibiotics to take a probiotic as well.

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All you have to do is take some probiotics during and after antibiotics. Antibiotics kill all bacteria especially if your doctor prescribed a broad spectrum anibiotic like tetracycline/doxycycline. Since the antibiotic killed all bacteria good and bad why not use that as an advantage and pump your body full of good bacteria that your body needs.

I'm not for the abuse of antibiotcs because that's how things like swine flu are caused.

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