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Hyperpigmentation? Or Post-Inflammatory Erythema?

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So, I've been looking into hyperpigmentation a lot lately because now I'm starting to realize that if all my redness would go away, my skin really wouldn't be that bad

But it seems that hyperpigmentation is dark spots seen mostly in darker skin, while post-inflammatory erythema is more redness..? I'm comparing using google images, im no pro

Honestly, whatever it's called I don't really care, I just want it gone

What I have is just a lot of redness mostly on the apples of my cheeks where my pores are really visible and big (ugh) but also just a little red everywhere

For those that know what I'm talking about, what do you use to get rid of it/fade it out? I'd post a picture but my webcam kinda sucks

Also if any of you know as well, how do you keep your pores smaller? It seems that lately they are just huge under my eyes and on and around my nose

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It sounds a little like rosacea

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