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Is It Possible To Need More Than The Recommended Amount Of Bp?

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I've been using a full finger's amount for a while now. No redness or irritation anymore, but something is happening that happened the last two times I did the regimen: it's like the full-finger's worth isn't enough. I don't even have to rub it in hardly. I spread it around my skin and it's like my skin just instantly absorbs it. It's difficult to even spread it around and get it everywhere on my skin because there just isn't enough. I can't even imagine rubbing it into my skin for MINUTES like he recommends in the videos because it's literally gone after like 10 seconds.

Is it possible that some of us could need more? Like a finger and a half's worth? I considered the fact that I'm a girl and I have petite little hands. Dan's hands are probably twice as big as mine. So could a "finger's worth" for him be not enough for me? Can your skin get so used to BP that a finger's worth stops working? I think I was doing a finger and a half's worth when I did the regimen before but I'm not sure.

Using Dan's gel, btw. Just so there's no confusion.

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I thought the full dose of BP was two finger-lengths? Maybe that's for OTC BP that dispense smaller amounts. I personally use two finger-lengths when I'm at the full dose (I'm currently building up to that again). Like Dan say's, if you have any doubts 'use more'.

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I don't see any harm in using more BP. I think if your skin has gotten used to the product then you can really load up on it. I use benzac and I go by the finger length method as well. For a girl I have big hands so I might get more product in. I try and make sure my face feels drenched in the BP because I know my face can take it without becoming red or irritated. Go for it!

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The more BP the better!! EXCEPT if you're just in the beginning of the regimen, like the first 3 weeks or so, or it might seriously dry and flake your skin

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If your skin is accustomed to BP, if you are confident that your skin will accept it and not cause you pain then go for it, there is no harm :)

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Sweet. Yeah I've been using a bit more. I'm still putting it on one finger, I'm just making a real thick line. It's been working better. I think I was squeezing it out too thin before. And I have no extra irritation since using more. No redness or peeling at all now. My skin just drinks this stuff up like water and my acne is healing! :)

Thanks for the responses.

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