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My Face Right Now. (Pics)

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Well what's up people! I'm 19 and have suffered from acne and scars since I was a wee lad.

I have been on some prescription stuff for about 3 months (tretinoin, etc...). I am planning on

Getting laser or other techniques for my scars. Anyone have advice about what to get please comment.

Or just comment about other stuff. Having these scars affects me so much every day. My confidence is

so low right now. Confidence is important.

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So what the fuck do I stress out about every morning and all day lol? Does it look like I have enlarged pores?

No not at all lol your worst spot in my opinion is on your hairline near you eyebrow but even that is not bad at all and I mean that. Also a little razor bumps but thats natural just be careful when shaving, you have no clue how many people on this site would kill to have your skin. It might sound crazy but people with severe acne/scarring would kill for your skin & people with your type of skin would kill for a completely clear complexion.

The truth is people think they have worst scars/acne than they really do because your looking in the mirror a lot & can pinpoint every flaw (I would know Im one of them lol)People can't see your face like you can. Most of it is all in our heads.

Everyone has their own insecurities just don't let it hold you back.

Goodluck to you & enjoy life man

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I think your skin looks great! And I can hardly see any sort of scarring.

So maybe take the responses here as a bit of an indication of how others see your skin - they don't notice any scarring! Stress less! :) We are our own worst critics and can easily exaggerate any self perceived 'flaw' without realising we're doing it I think.

I can understand if it still makes you feel insecure or whatever but like FashionMoney said - don't let it hold you back :)

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ur face is red.

is it natural or due to use to some topical cream/wash/treatment?

if u can take care of that..i think u'll be absolutely alright.=)


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