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Acne Going Away Before I Start Accutane?

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I have mild to moderate acne (pustules). It's been very persistent for the past 3-4 years. In the past 12 months I have been on doxycycline, minocycline, and cefadroxil in that order. I have been using tretinoin cream with the minocycline & cefadroxil, and still am today. After the cefadroxil (1 month course) was completed just a few weeks ago, I began to break out again about two days later. Went to the derm for my monthly checkup and was told its my choice to try accutane since I've exhausted all other options.

I go get my blood test and then the second visit to the derm I didn't have a terrible breakout like i usually do and didn't think too much of it knowing in a few days or so I would breakout with those annoying pustules. Apparently I haven't been breaking out since then, and I have not even took 1 accutane pill yet. It's still sitting in the unopened box I got from the pharmacy a couple days ago.

I am really angry right now, I went through months of trials of antibiotics with NO results as soon as i got off of them. Now my breakouts have suddenly died down when I finally get prescribed accutane? Should i wait a few more days and see if I get my usual breakout?

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Obviously, if you can avoid going on accutane I would.

Personally I've had a great experience with it but I know there are lots of bad ones as well. Bottom line is that it's a serious drug and if your face is clear without having to take it, I wouldn't take the chance.

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