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Huge Clogged Pore (Pictures)

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So I'm doing the caveman regimen (no washing) to heal my acne and sensitive skin. It's working amazingly well except one of my pores got really clogged up with dead skin. The rest of my pores are fine but somehow this one got really messed up, I have what looks like a huge plug of dead skin clogged inside my pore. I thought it was a whitehead for a while but then I realized it wasn't.

in this picture you can see all the mild dead skin on my cheek, but then there's this gigantic plug there in the middle


in this picture it looks like a whitehead, but it's not, it's a giant dead skin plug


what do I do? I've never encountered anything like this before, should I take tweezers and pull it out? Should I wait for it to come out on it's own?

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Maybe use some jojoba oil and try to massage it out? your skin looks really oily though!

yeah that's a major reason why I'm doing the caveman, my skin has been pretty dried out and oily, but this is really helping it to balance.

I tried pressuring the spot out but it was really resisting. I thought it was really stuck in my skin, but now I'm thinking it might just need time to come off on it's own. It's only been like this for a few days

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