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How To Clear This Acne Up! *pics Included*

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I am taking vitamin C, Zinc and now Vitamin D everyday

I have cut down on dairy products, having oat milk instead of cow's milk.

Now what?

I don't want to go on accutane as I have heard about the side effects.

I just don't want this anymore sad.png





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Ive started taking a wellwoman multuvitamin from today as think it may help my hormone fluctuations. This will be instead of zinc, vit c and d.

The multi has folic acid, b complex and magnesium along with star flower and evening primrose oil.

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Hey there love ,

Surely your acne isn't considered enough for accutane.

As for vitamins and minerals it usually takes 6months to notice any results. Patience is key.

Your acne looks more like on the mild to moderate side and treatable . What is your current regimen if I may ask ?

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Many members claim cutting dairy got them clear, while others can consume it without any issue (if you do consume it, go organically as it will be free of anti-biotics/IGF-1 and herbicides/pesticides) Everything from common table salt, refined white sugar, refined white flour, processed, non-organic food, crappy vegetable oils, etc., needs to be addressed when confronting the diet. Many members also claim going gluten free helped greatly with acne. Others don't notice a difference.

I'm not sure what you do topically, but that can have a huge impact on acne as well. Cleansing your face with harsh chemicals isn't going to help the situation. And using an OTC moisturizer isn't a great idea either. Even these 'for acne prone skin' moisturizers are too much for the skin. And they are often loaded with crap that you shouldn't be putting on your skin to begin with.

There are so many natural topical treatments that go unused or get completely overlooked. Even natural ways to moisturize. I don't use any OTC products anymore. And i used to have acne bad. real bad. I've tried some natural treatments that were touted as great, and had little success with them. But i didn't give up. Lemon juice and ACV didn't work so great for my skin, but they do for other members. So there is some trial and error involved even in the natural department. I have loads of suggestions for natural topical solutions, and i'm positive that other members do as well. Everything from washes, toners, to moisturizers can be made right from home. And the best part is you choose what goes into them. So you don't have to deal with any unwanted substances that irritate skin conditions further

You might also look into blood cleansing. There are loads of herbs that are extremely efficient at cleansing the blood/liver. Herbs like Burdock Root, Red Clover, Sarsaparilla, Dandelion Root, Rooibos Tea, and a whole host of others that you can make an herbal tea with and use for blood cleansing. I'd absolutely look into doing this. I currently make a cold brew using licorice root powder and marshmallow root powder, and i'm adding sarsaparilla soon. I had a headache this morning and half an hour after drinking it the headache was gone. I'm only saying that to reinforce the anti-inflammatory properties of these herbs.

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let me just start off by saying your eyes are drop dead gorgeous.. personally, what i eat does not affect my acne. but i found that minocycline helped me a lot. i have a lot of acne on my cheeks too perhaps even MORE and it's the worst.

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I think the reason why many people aren't replying to this is because you opened another thread asking the exact same question a few weeks ago and totally ignored all the advice given to you there. Sorry.

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