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I'm new to this board but I wanted to share what has worked (really worked) for me.

I'm a 27 year old female, I've suffered with chronic cystic acne for the past 6 or so years. Before that it was more topical, but still constant and pretty severe.

Let me be clear (no pun intended), when I say chronic cystic I mean up until around Nov 2012, I haven't been "break out free" for more than a 1-2 days at a time. Just when I felt like my skin was improving, it was back....and it was BAD. I'm very pale so we're talking BRIGHT red, hard, painful welt-like pimples, really hard to wear out in public. I missed birthday parties, plans to go out of town, even job interviews... my skin had complete control of my everyday actions.

This is what changed everything, I'm going on 2 months the clearest I've been my entire adult life.

Once a day, after I eat, I take one 10,000 IU vitamin A pill, and one 1000mg Borage oil pill. At night I also put neosporn on anything that resemble an upcoming zit and healing scars, I leave it on overnight, somtimes w/a small band-aid. THAT'S IT. NO standard topicals what so ever..

In addition I wash my face twice a day w/cetaphil and use the light cetaphil moisturizer, but I'm NOT saying that's what made the difference. I've been using the brand on and off for years, it's the daily supplements that have worked wonders thus far.

I originally read about a similar plan on a popular women's blog , however it included Zinc too. The first time I tried the three pill combo I felt nauseous. I gave up, until a month or so later I tried again, this time taking the supplements with food and skipping the zinc. With the first week the change in my skin spoke for itself. I have been doing this everyday for about two months and I still can't believe it's working/worked.

I had tried everything except accutane. EVERY drugstore product, every single one, zeno, pro activ, organic products, tea tree, every home remedy I could find, antibiotics, acids, oil methods. Nothing ever really worked.

I urge you to try this. Be consistent, don't skip days. I just want other people to feel the hope I've felt over the past couple of months. I never thought I'd really be free, I still look in the mirror for new breakouts. They're not there, I stil get tiny little clogged-pore micro pimple here and there... but it's NOTHING compared to were I've been.

Good luck, please give it a shot.

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