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I've nothiced that there is a lot of variation as to everyone's dosage and courses of treatment so I though I would start a thread so users could compare thier course dosage, length of treatment, and dosage by weight to other with similar acne. I will start with mine of course and update if there are any changes in the future. :)

Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)

Month 1: 60mg/day

Month 2: 60mg/day

Projected duration of treatment: 5 months

Type of acne: severe

Location of acne: face only (mostly chin and forehead to a lesser extend with clear cheeks)

Age: 29

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Weight: 92 kg (202 lbs)

Month 1: 80mg/day

Duration: 80/mg throughout treatment

Projected duration of treatment: 6 months

Type of acne: severe cystic

Location of acne: Back, Sides, Chest

Age: 29

Just recently started treatment. Am currently on day 5

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Hey guys! Thanks for your responses! Hopefully more will add their treatment courses so we can compare how our docs are dealing with this! Hope to see that we are all progressing as our treatment goes on!

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Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)

Month 1: 40mg/day

Projected duration of treatment: 8 months

Type of acne: Mild

Location of acne: Jawline/Cheeks, Previously Forehead, temples.

Age: 20's

I actually asked my derm about my dosage and expected to have it increased because on this site I've seen people half my weight take double my dosage. My first derm said i would have been on 40mg for 6 weeks then 6omg for the rest of the course, my current derm says it's 40mg for my whole course and to paraphrase her when I asked about a higher dosage. 'You'd hate me if I put you on a higher dosage because of the increase in side effects, we use to put people on 1mg/kg/day but found the side effects too harsh on some depending on their acne type, if you had severe facial or body acne you would be on a higher dose.'

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Weight: 155 pounds

Month 1: 40 mg/day

Projected duration of treatment: 6 months

Type of acne: cystic on face

I am on day 10 of amnesteem. No side effects (or changes in face) so far. I am shedding way more hair. Hopefully, that will slow down. I am unsure if my derm will raise my mg's this next visit. I am going to try to stay as low as I can go since I unfortunately am one of the few that experience loss of hair. We shall see :) My skin is still oily as can be. I am excited for some of that to go away hopefully soon...

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Weight: 140

Dosage: 60mg/5 months

Acne: Moderate:

  • mostly on chin

  • forehead

  • cheeks

Mostly under the skin bumps that don't develop a head, develops in clusters, cysts here and there

I'm on Day 100 of Accutane

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Weight 160

Month 1 = 40 mg/day Claravis

Month 2 = 60 mg/day Claravis

Month 3 = 80 mg/day Amnesteem

Projected duration of treatment = 5 months

With Claravis I had really dry skin and very chapped lips. Also muscle aches after I worked out and myright arm hurt to lift at times. Nothing to bad I couldn't handle. A good side effect was that my face wasn't oily at all and my hair (which is really oily as well) looks great!! I am now on day 20 on Amnesteem and wow the side effects seem way worse! My hair comes out by the handful after I get out of the shower (thank God I have very thick long hair). My nose is so dry that I keep having bloody noses. I was in bed for 3 days with MASSIVE headache and dizziness. My face looks like I've either gained weight all of a sudden even tho I work out or it is very swollen. My stomach this morning looked very swollen like I'm a couple months preg. (which I'm not for sure). I will make sure to get the Claravis when I get my new script in a little over a week and post if the side effects were due to Amnesteem or possibly the increase in dosage.....hoping the Amnesteem. :-(

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Weight: 63.5 kg (140 pounds)

80 mg daily

Projected length of treatment: 4 months

Type of acne: moderate but stubborn

Location of acne: face

Age: 22

Side effects: bloody nose, dry chapped lips, sore wrists, lots mor oil first couple of days, dry chapped skin around mouth and chin. Chest pain first few days on claravis.

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