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Dkr One Year Later...

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Before DKR


For those that may have doubts about the effectiveness of DKR... Let my picture show and prove that DKR can be successful if you stick with it... boogie.gif

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Hi nycqueen! I was just reading through your daily regime and noticed you use the AHA at night. Do you do this every night? I've just bought some but not sure how often I'm supposed to use it. Also, did you notice any initial breakouts/side effects from it? Thankyou so much for any tips!

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Hey Ellie93 and welcome to acne.org community! To answer your question, I'm careful about how much AHA I use... It took a long time for me to figure out how best to use it without irritating my skin... When I began incorporating AHA into my regimen, I had an adverse reaction because I didn't understand how best to apply AHA. So after some research, I figured out that the best way to incorporate AHA into your skin care regimen, is to mix it with your moisturizer. The moisturizer acts like a neutralizer which lessens irritation that AHA can cause. So, when I decided to give AHA another shot, I mixed one drop with my regular amount of moisturizer every 2 to 3 nights. Gradually I worked up to 3 or 4 drops mixed with my moisturizer every other night. Now, I'm experimenting with using it every night but once again, I am slowly working my way up... Currently, I use 2 drops with moisturizer every night. I tried to go for 3 or 4 drops on consecutive nights and I experienced redness and blotchy skin, so I cut AHA for 2 days and my skin returned to normal. For some people it is easy to just get going, for others it definitely takes much longer... My best suggestions are (1) listen to your skin and body, (2) don't rush to start using it, and (3) always mix AHA with moisturizer (the regular amount you would use after you BP) instead of applying it separately. Hope that helps... :)

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You look great! I am hoping for some awesome results too. I just started the regimen 2 weeks ago. I am very dry from the BP and have cystic acne all over my right cheek. Looking at your progress makes me hopeful!

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Yeah, not a very clear after pic but I know that you have stayed clear from seeing a few of your pics in the gallery.

Although I am only 5 months into the regimen, I am excited to see if I can truly maintain it until my one year mark. :)

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