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Hi everyone at Acne.org,

I have been a fan of this site for almost a year now. So many good natural and chemical ideas have came from this site. I have had acne since my freshman year of High School and I'm currently a freshman in college. I have decided to be done with acne and get help as much as I can from anywhere because I'm not fortunate enough to visit a dermatologist. I have tried everything from my doctor prescribe BP cream, over the counter products to Natural at home remedies. Here is my complete acne product history:

1. Cetaphil wash and lotion for oily to normal skin w/ BP prescribed cream from my doctor

2. Neutrogena dark blue and gray treatment

3. Proactiv

4. Acne Free

5. Murad

6.Clean & Clear products

7. Clearasil

8.Many other chemical pick ups from my local drugstore sad.png

I am currently washing my face with neutrogena natural bar of soap, then with the extra gentle face wash and a teaspoon of sea salt to exfoliate, then non alcoholic toner, next Apple cider vinegar/rib-boos tea/lemon spray , then neutrogena on-the-spot acne treatment cream, lastly cetaphil lotion

I just go a large pimple at the bottom of my chin,right cheek and forehead I need help please...and I go back to college in a week and would really need a regimen before I go. I am currently starting a only water diet meaning I am only drink water or healthy teas for liquids. An I'm going to start working out every morning and every night starting tomorrow I am impatient and I don't know if I'm purging or it't not working I have been doing it for 2 weeks. I would also prefer an all natural regimen but whatever works is OK for me,so someone please help me out.

Thank you so much,


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I'd look into making a lifestyle change or getting hormonal treatment. I've learned over time that what you wash your face with is the least important aspect of curing acne. There is a Hormonal forum on here as well as Nutrition & Holistic Health forum.

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