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I've been suffering from whiteheads for many years, and not just a few here and there. The entirety of my cheeks, chin, and forehead are covered with small white bumps, to the point in which my skin looks almost scaly. I have tried every type of medication, including Retin-A, Differin, Ziana, Finacea, and many oral antibiotics. I've also tried face washes with BP, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid. Currently I apply Tazorac gel nightly, which is supposedly harsh on skin, but makes no noticeable difference at all on mine. None of these products have dried out or "peeled" my skin as they are advertised to do. I've purchased a Clarisonic face scrubber, with no success, and have tried applying a glycolic/salicylic acid peel weekly, again with no success. I've gone to an aesthetician multiple times for whitehead extraction, and although the whiteheads mostly disappear after the treatment, they are back by the next week. A typical treatment I count 600 whiteheads alone on my cheeks. When I attempt to extract the whiteheads on my own, they all come back within the next day. I have tried literally everything, minus changing my diet, and nothing has worked.



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are you sure those are whiteheads? Looks like the rash I got months ago.

Ask your derm about metrogel and try to go on tetracycline. I had hundreds of those too. Also, try toning your face with organic apple cidar vinegar I also avoid products with sodium lauyrl sulfate as it can worsen the rash. You can pm of you want, mine took about 1 month to go away with proper treatment.

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