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Discouraged By Results Here

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I have skin similar to the guy with ice pick scars on acne.orgs scar treatment page. I have been reading these scar forums for a while, and it seems like every on here is disappointed with their results. I do not want to waste thousands of dollars for nothing. Should I just get over it, and live with it or does anything out there really work? The only thing I have tried so far was derma rolling with 0% success.

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Acne scars are very difficult to treat. Everyone's skin heals differently so where someone may have success, others may not see much improvement. It took me several different types of treatments to finally find something that worked for my skin.

The simple reality is there is no guarantee in treating acne scars so you may very well be throwing money down the drain.

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Jbird12 is right, everyone is different. What works or does not work for one person may have the opposite effect for another. In what ways have you been discouraged? Every time I research my scar treatment options I find new light at the end of the tunnel. The thing is that in 99% of cases you will need to combine different treatments to get the results you want and you need to be realistic.

As for Dermarolling... what did you try? If you tried home treatments well, there's your problem right there. If you used an inferior device or were treated by someone using an inferior device then you're likely to see no results (or negative results). It's all about getting out there, researching and then trying something for yourself to see if it works. Share your experience(s) and get some feedback! biggrin.png

I know money comes into play here, in fact it limits us significantly, but there is such a thing as a quality/effective treatment vs a risky/pathetic treatment. You just need to find the best treatment in your budget range.

If Dermarolling didn't work for you don't lose hope. Keep researching and keep asking questions!


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