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If My Skin Can Tolerate It, Is There Any Reason Why I Shouldn't Use Retin-A Twice A Day?

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So I finally found a place that sells Retin-A 0.1% without a prescription in the U.S. I've read Retin-A w/ glycolic acid is great for the skin. I also read that you should start with a lower percentage of Retin-A and gradually work up to 0.1%. But my skin has always been able to tolerate things pretty well so I decided to start with 0.1%. I'm only 2 days into it, but I've been using it in the morning and at night before bed. Aside from some peeling (nothing significant), is there a reason why I shouldn't continue to use Retin-A everyday, twice a day?

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Sometimes you don't notice the irritation until a few days later. Also, please be aware that Retin-A (and similar products) can make your skin very fragile, prone to scarring easily.

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Retin-A can't scar you, that's false information. It is possible that the topical will bring out some acne when first being used and these may lead to scars if you're not careful, but the topical alone is perfectly safe. Topical Vitamin A makes your skin thicker not thinner. The top layers of skin may shed and peel for a few weeks when first using it but this is not an indication that your skin is thin.

Don't use it twice a day though, you'll just waste the product. More is not better in this case. Use it before bed and let it absorb by itself (i.e. don't rub it in). Keep it away from your eyes and the area around your eyes. If you get irritation then cut back the amount you're using and build your way up again.

I use a very potent Vitamin A serum so trust me when I say you need to give this product a bit of respect. wink.png It will do its job, just ease into it.

Instead of using it in the morning, look into a Vitamin C based product. Vitamin C and Vitamin A are your best weapons.

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