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Hey guys, I was on the regimen a while ago but slowly made subtle changes to it as I nearly became acne free.

My regimen (same in AM and PM) goes something like this:

1. Cleanse Face (Using cetaphil daily facial cleanser)

2. Moisturize with cetaphil lotion and apply aloe vera gel within 5 minutes of cleansing

3. Wait 10-15 minutes

4. Spot treat problem areas with Dan's BP

My main question is whether or not I should use both moisturizer and aloe vera gel? If not, I would prefer to just use aloe vera gel.. so does anybody have any experience doing this?

If I do use both, which should I apply first and should I wait in between applying the second one?

Also, does anybody have any recommendations for what kind of aloe vera gel product to buy? I've currently been using the Equate brand but I hear the Fruit of the Earth brand is really good?

Any input from anybody would be greatly appreciated!!!


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I use Aloe Vera Gel, Fruit of the Earth variety (Walmart isle with the sunblock) and I found that it's a nice way to make my skin soft and feel clean. Now, by itself it didn't do any miracles for me, but the fact that it didn't make my face worse...and it being Aloe and multipurpose (you can use it for hair gel, kid you not), it's worth always having around.

Like I said, for my skin, it didn't prevent acne, nor did it make it worse. I use it on my hands because I'm one of those folks thats always touching my face. If I use normal lotion on my hands, I break out on my cheek and chin from resting my head. Using Aloe has helped my skin from not getting worse from other products.

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