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Something I Really Don't Understand.

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So if scars exist because the dermis is damaged, why are some scars shallow and some scars deep?

I understand it has something to do with the depth of damage, but what I really want to know is how deep into the skin is the dermis? Like paper thin, or what?

I can't really come to terms with reality. The one scar that bothers me the most that I got six months ago is level with my skin. But theres edges. I feel like I can revove it completely or damn close because its level.

Or is the scar under my skin but it grew level. I dont understand!

Can someone please explain to me ?

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Because if I damaged the dermis, why does it look like my scar is level, just with edges?... Is basically what I'm getting at. It looks like I can almost peel away the top layer of skin and be done with it. If only it were that easy .-.

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F&P, judging by the numerous threads you open about the same thing I suggest that you will never find an answer here. You've been given so much advice, and so many of us here (myself included) have tried our very best to get through to you.

I think you need to see a dermatologist instead of posting here.

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