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Would Really Appreciate Some Good Advice..

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On the left side of my face above my cheeks I have had this huge patch of red inflamed acne! I don't suffer from acne too bad, a few pimples in the occasional random spots. But this one section of my face is just huge, red, and inflamed. But the problem is, when I touch most of the area on my face it feels rather flat or smooth. I have had horrible acne there for a good month and a half, I finally got a benzoyl peroxide regimen for about a month and a half as well but its still super red and inflamed, The only pimples I have that I can feel are by my eyebrows.

another thing is too I am in wrestling, which could contribute as well but most of my pimples are gone around my hairline and stuff. Here are a couple pictures. Sorry for the size on the second one, can someone please clarify What kind of acne I have here? They rarely form whiteheads. Plus is most of this huge section of red just a big as blotch of acne scars??? I really hope not. Someone please insight me, along with a regimen and tips to get rid of this. Thank you so much.


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To me they kinda look like minor cysts but whatever you do don't pop em because you'll regret it. Your pimples right now look like the deep, under the skin kinds so it might take a little while to clear up. Are you drinking enough water every day and taking showers right after wrestling because the dirt clogs your pores creating those red n inflamed cystic pimples. I hope the best for ur acne !

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