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What Do You Guys Put On A Pimple To Take Away The Redness?

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Hey guys! So I've been taking these blood cleansing tablets for the past 2 days and my right cheek is breaking out in red, irritated pimples! (damn you purging phase) These pimples seem to be super inflamed and no matter what I use they become bigger and red. Do you guys know of anything to put on them to take down the redness or swelling? I'm just afraid they are gonna burst on their own and leave nasty marks... :/ WELL, actually a couple of them have already cry.gif And no I have not been popping or irritating them on my own at all!! I'm not using any harsh cleansers or anything! Help, please? nod.gif

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Try ice cubes! Just be careful with them and don't leave them on too long, 'cos you'll suffer ice burns. Also, your skin might initially become more red, but it'll calm down in a few minutes - an hour.

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Icing reduces inflammation/swelling/redness.

If you want to completely get rid of the redness within minutes - whether it is a cyst or a scar, then put a drop of Visine eye drops on the area. The only thing is that it might make that pimple more whiter than your skin sometimes. But it is much better then redness ya know.

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icing for me i've found helps quite a bit. i had a stubborn zit once and i iced it for a couple of seconds and the next day it was completely gone, and i was amazed, so i would say it helps some. i havent had quite the same luck with bigger/deeper zits though. i also find that using diaper rash cream helps (lol it sounds weird but dont knock it til youve tried it)

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Hey steamroom! Thanks for the tip! One question.. So putting on the visine will just temporarily get rid of redness & once the pimple dries up the red/dark mark will still be there?

Thank you :)

Burgundyfunk- I've used diaper rash cream before too! Haha it did work a few times:)

Desperate times call for desperate measures

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