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First And Hopefully Last Post (Besides Responses, Plz Read)

Hey everybody, my name is Mike. Sorry If I'm posin in the wrong section. Hopefully what I'm about to say is inspiring to some of you. I suffered from severe cystic acne from ages 14-20. I'd cry my eyes out 24/7, been on every acne cream, pill, and I've been to over 5 different dermatologists.

At age 19 I reached my breaking point, severe depression from fucking acne! I'd cry all day everyday, not just sob but ball my eyes out......that's right 19 year old male crying 24/7. I decided to go on ACCUTANE....I read about all the shit people go through from it, losing their hair, makin em break out more, even getting Crohn's Disease from it.

But I thought whatever, fuck it, If it takes a few years off my life who cares because I'd spend those years cryin in my room anyways poppin fuckin cystic pimples on my face scared to look at myself.

Accutane is the BEST decision I ever made in my life.. I'm 6 foot 140 lbs, I took 40 mgs the first month (5 days after I started takin it I broke out bad) 60 mgs the second month......3rd month I told my dermatologist i wana up it to 80mgs because if i was going to break out anyways I wana get it over as soon as possible)

BTW I went to Rush Hospital Dermatology in Chicago, i did not want to mess around on Accutane, I wanted the best of the best. When I upped my dosage from 60 to 80 mgs my face broke out like world war 3.....soo bad. Crazy shit was happening to me on Accutane....a few months after I started taking it, I got a gram negative infection on my face! I also got an ingrown hair on my neck!

Get This, my dermatologist told me HE'S PRESCRIBED OVER 1000 people Accutane and I was the SECOND HARDEST PATIENT HE'S EVER HAD TO FIGURE OUT!! absolutely amazing to me when he told me that, he's a doctor as Rush University Hospitall!! Accutane was the hardest 5 months of my life and I don't think I'll ever deal with that kind of mental stress again.

It's been almost a year since I got off Accutane and my face is sooo clear. If I won a million dollars prior to gettin on Accutane I'd trade it all for how my face looks now....my life is so different, I have a girlfriend, I'm not afraid to be in public, I'm not crying all the time, it's unbelievable.....please do it if you've been offered the treatment by ur dermatologist....

and btw my dermatologist told me there's such a controversy over prescribing it because it causes birth defects if you get pregnant. He's prescribed it to people with Crohn's Disease so don't believe that shit. In fact, he said if it didn't cause birth defects it should be an over the counter medication because it saves lives. Thanks if you read all this

Edit** btw just watched/read Dan's Regimen....and for all of the people suffering from cystic/nodule acne that seems literally like a joke to me....benzoyl peroxide and facial moisturizer!?!? really?? that should be called Dan's Regimen to more depression, if that shit worked I woulda clear of acne at age 15

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Dan doesn't claim that the Regimen will clear severe cystic acne, because cystic acne needs more aggressive treatment than BP and I think no one with severe acne of this type is under the impression that it will clear their acne...if they are, they haven't read the important bits on this website!

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Congratulations on dealing with your acne problem. It's interesting how different people make very different experience with Accutane.

I never broke out while taking the pills. Nor have I experienced too many of the side effects (except dry lips), but my acne always comes back after 6-12 months. I'm not particularly scared of taking Accutane but at the same time I wouldn't start another (4th) course since I believe the effect is only temporary.

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I'm on my 5th month of accutane my face is clear but just like you I broke out really really bad at the beginning,now I have red marks from the inital break out all over my face:(,when will these FADE?

and thanks for sharing

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