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What Is A Prescription Cream That Will Get Rid Of Dark Marks?

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are there any that do? how about lasers to get rid of dark marks?

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I use Tri-Luma which is usually prescribed for melasma which is darkening of the skin. It is pretty pricey ranging from $90+ but I swear by this stuff. It has Tretinoin which contains Vitamin A to allow the skin to heal itself faster, Hydroquinone which is a skin bleaching agent and Fluocinolone which reduces inflammation. You are only supposed to use it for 8 weeks and a sunblock must be used during the day. I've only used it 2 weeks so far and the dark red hyperpigmentation that was all over my cheeks is close to gone and it evened out my skin tone.

When this happened to me before I went to Walmart and bought a cocoa butter fade cream and used that on my hyperpigmentation morning and night and it helped a lot but it took months of use to do the trick. That's a cheaper method only costing $6 but it takes a lot longer.

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