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Shallow Rolling/box Scars On My Cheeks. What Should I Try?

Hey guys!

I have shallow rolling/box scars on my cheeks. They aren't deep but I have like a dozen of them of over my face. I was wondering what should I try to treat them?

Thank you!

I will try to upload pictures as soon as I get my camera back from my friend :)

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I have similar scars, at certain angles and lighting they look deep but at others they are quite shallow and with direct light they disappear. Do they look worse with lighting coming from behind? or artificial yellow lights that create shadows? in those lighting I look like a monster and heavily scarred but in flush bright fluorescent or certain sunlights I look OK. I am still on accutane though so my skin is changing daily....and plan to try retin a for a few months after until I hit the 8-12month mark when i can really do procedures for my scarring. Nevertheless I feel like you cna benefit from a single fraxel repair procedure (depending on skin tone) if months after retin a do not make a difference for you. Also some light fillers or subcisions may work too as you have shallow rolling/boxcar scars.

I am not talking from experience though, so definitely see a reputable cosmetic derm for an opinion.

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I have similar scars, for nearly a year I have been doing a 12.5 tca chemical peel every few weeks or so my skin seems to have a good tolerance to it, it has blended my scars into my surrounding skin a lot so my scars are barley visible unless close up but they are by no means gone, it also took away a lot of redness which can make ur scars look wayyyyyy worse than they actually are. Keep us informed of any treatment you may try :) and good luck !

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