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Breesy's Isotretinoin Log To Cure (Severe) Acne! (Pictures Every Week)

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Hey guys! Some of you might have seen my antibiotic log, which didn't last for too long though. I decided to start the 'tane with my doctor two days ago.

A bit about me

- 18 years old

- male

- interested in: nutrition, science, fitness and bodybuilding, nature, sports, video games

So, my acne flared up very bad in the summer, and has gradually got worse in the last 3 months, I had before only occasional 2 or 3 pimples in my jawline that I didn't really pay any attention to.

So - I'm starting with 40mg a day and I took my first pill a couple of hours agocool.png ! Don't know if its in my head but I can notice my lips getting drier already, haha.

Has anybody's family members taken accutane? Because my sister did around 5 years ago and it cleared her up completely, could it have any correlation in regards to my acne clearing up well too? As we share the genes.

Anyway I'm hitting up the pharmacy to get a proper chapstick. I will post my starting pictures tomorrow, but if you're interested you can check some from the antibiotic log I had earlier.

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hahaha holy shit im in almost the exact same position as you. Im 16 and had very mild acne until the end of summer when all hell broke loose. Currently on my 16th day of tane and ive seen a little bit of improvement already which is good.(im taking 40 mgs a day too)

My oldest sister took accutane at my age i think (shes 25 now) but for horrible back acne and said she was basically clear in a month and really did not have any side effects. Maybe thats why im doing so well on it haha? My lips are chapped but nott bad and my face is a bit dry but nothin bad.

So yeah i think you could have similar results to your sister, but if you dont do not be discouraged because i mean everyones different i guess.

best of luck my man

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so here is my Day 2 update!

I noticed how around 5 or so pimples have surfaced in these two days already, wow, can it be the accutane already or just the breakout from getting off the antibiotic. Well anyway now the skin is very similar to as what it has been the last month, red, and with pimples as the same areas, my forehead has currently only 1 pimple, cheeks are the other end though.

My skin has been really oily, the lips are doing ok, got a good chapstick from the pharmacy.

And thanks for the reply Patrick,(are you me, haha!)

Anyway here are the starting pictures, the light might slightly exaggerate the redness but not noticeably, it's really bad sad.png well, got to stay positive!

post-157291-0-50431200-1319141195_thumb. post-157291-0-50557500-1319141250_thumb.

and here is a great song! Good night now everyone




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Day 3

Hey, wanted to do a quick update, I'm just going to sleep. My skin has been so oily today, my lips have actually been normal compared to yesterday's slight dryness, weird that they aren't getting chapped already! It's too early to tell anything about progress, I'll tell more about it later on the week.

If anyone checking this out has some questions about nutrition or weight lifting ask here or PM me! Good night!

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Day 5

Hey! Was with my friends yesterday and didn't have time to update the log, well wouldn't have had much to say anyway but yeah:)

So, the skin has been oily still and due to the initial breakout I've had some new whiteheads. I can feel the bumpy texture which is in the cheeks coming closer and fading a bit so that's a good sign. However on the most bad spots, which i have on both cheeks the skin has just been very dry, mostly on the spots where the most bumps are.

It is weird though that I haven't had dry lips really, or do they just take a week or two more to comeeusa_think.gif

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Hi, i've just started on 40mg as well, don't have any trouble with dryness either, but i'm only on day 3 so i think it will come for both of us :P

Good luck anyway!

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Day 6

Hey dreamer, are you logging your progress aswell? You can share your thoughts here always!

The big bumps have some surfaced and they have reduced in size / amounts a bit, which is good - the redness has remained the same.

What I've noticed is that even after cleansing+shower my face is kinda flaky... I've just been applyin the moisturiser over it. Maybe I should buy a different kind of cleanser.

Gonna go to school tomorrow after a holiday of 9 days...not lookin very forward to it because of the skin's condition :(

For the end a question for people reading this, what day the skin usually starts to get dry? I've been having oily skin this whole week! Good night for now.

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Day 7

Hey, it's one week down already! ​Hanged with my friends and was in the school, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, just took the mindset of not giving a damn thing about what other people think about me, and it worked great

The skin is once again pretty much same, maybe 1-2 pimples less than yesterday, but the red marks are very annoying. Still initial breakout, hoping that the skin would become less oily soon!

here's a great song to lighten your evening smile.png

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Hey man i have acne like you, i have a lot of red circle marks, they are annoying and run down the side of my face, im on day 10 of 30mg claravis.

So far just severe leg pain, drynes and dry lips, all managable.

But my leg, like twice a week i feel a sharp pain, when im standing and if i take pressure off it, it hurts worse, and to make it stop hurting i have to move around like run or walk or jog. its weird.

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Whoah, that is so weird, I had the exact same experience with when my acne broke out too, in addition to you and Patrick! I'm 18 and my acne flared up at the end of this summer. I live in America though, and my skin never looked like it does now until the summer. Now, my skins looks almost exactly like yours in the first picture, except for the addition of two cysts along my cheek (which I believe is my fault for picking at the skin there. Good luck on your accutane regimen!

I like the song choices as well... You might enjoy this


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Day 8

Hey guys and thanks for replies! Today morning was actually the first time I didn't have more pimples when I wake up, was nice.

@ austin123 Yep the red marks are the most annoying, even after the smallest pimple I get a red mark - they don't look bad from like a feet away from the mirror but when you take a couple steps back and look your skin the spots like like pimples and doesn't really matter if there isn't even a pimple as everyone will think it's one...

As for the leg pain, which part of your leg is actually hurtin? shin pains, knee, hip, muscles(hamstring,quad,calf,tibialis anterior)?

@ Alex Urig hey man, seems quite a few share the experience of it flaring up very quickly then :| Are you on accutane aswell?

I'll post my week 1 pictures in couple hours after I've gone to the shower!

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Day 9

Hey! Today I got some lower back pain, and I think it's due to the isotretinoin neutral.gif. Lips have also been a bit more dry today.

I couldn't post my pictures yesterday, we lost our internet connection later in the evening. I got them now though; in my opinion the skin has slightly improved, the biggest bumps have faded quite a bit and the redness has gone very slightly, but still, down.

My phone's terrible camera doesn't once again show the actual situation, shows it a bit more red than it actually is.

post-157291-0-18119200-1319738139_thumb. post-157291-0-45142100-1319738115_thumb.



Edited by breesy
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Nope, no accutane. Just seeing how the DKR works out! And I'm on some doxycycline but thats not really helping. Did you try the DKR or just try antibiotics and accutane?

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hey alex i really think you should try accutane instead of the dkr. dont get me wrong the dkr is good but i think its aimed at more mild acne, and if you have moderate to severe acne, once you stop using the BP the acne will come right bacck and probably worse, while accutane will most likely clear you for good. Thats why i started accutane after about 2 weeks of the dkr.

and to breesy, it doesnt look like your acne is all that bad man, just alot of marks. Seriously buy some 100% emu oil, gentle enough to use on accutane and has been GREAT for my red marks so far. youll be good in no time

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Day 10

Hey! wanted to do a quick update before going to sleep - it's 1 am here already, so thanks for the replies,

@ Alex I was on antibiotic for a less than a month and then started accutane

@Patrick, thanks for the suggestion, I'll got to do some research, where can I buy this stuff? from natural stuff store? or is it pharmacy stuff? And yeah red marks are for sure my main problem...

Today I was the whole day with my friends, was cool, as for skin, I got a few new near my mouth area, but chin and forehead aren't having many, if any, pimples at the moment which is good. The bumps on, especially right side, are getting smaller slowly - which is great.

Here's a beautiful song to make your day

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Day 12

Hey! In the last two days my face has been sort of drier, but still sticky...it's hard to describe but I think many will know what I mean. The skin feels very tight, especially on my jawline, it's annoying. Lips are pretty much normal, but my nostrils have been a bit dry.

About the redness/hyperpigmentation, I think it has become more apparent, looks more red! :(

I also made a post at the accutane post section regarding taking zinc, has anyone taken it with success? is it okay to take while on accutane? Would be great if someone knew about it!

@ Amak thanks for the support, do you speak Finnish:)?

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Day 13

Skin's been dry and tight today aswell, I got some new breakouts in my chin, and 1 in my forehead. The big bumps from the cheeks have pretty much faded, they are kind of soft now. The redness has become more apparent though, if i'm not completely delusional...

I've been experiencing some lower back pains, It's worst when I'm going to sleep, doesn't hurt if I sleep by my side though but I don't really want to do so the acne on the cheeks won't get irritated. Well got to stay positive!

Good night all!

Here's a sweet song that will make you feel euphoric, skip to 3:00 if you're impatient :)

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Day 15

Yo yo I'm here again with over two weeks behind me already...time is just flying!

What I've been experiencing in the last two-three days is slight hair loss as side effect. It could just be me being paranoid but I don't think so. I got around 10 hairs in my hand after I came out of the shower and around the same on my pillow after night. Doesn't sound much but I haven't really ever lost any hair and maybe therefore pay extra attention to it. Hopefully it'll stop soon.

I'll start supplementing zinc today aswell. Got pills with 15mg per so thinking taking 2 a day, even though most people take 50mg a day - I'll bump it up to 3 pills next week if it hasn't caused any harm or improvement.

In my opinion my skin's red marks have just become more apparent, I've also got currently quite a few on my forehead and a few on chin again:< The bumps on the cheeks are going down well tho!

I'll post my 3rd set of pics tomorrow! Good night ya'll

Edited by breesy
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Just 10 strands? That's nothing, I don't think you need to worry :P

I'm curious to hear if zinc will do anything for your acne, i'm thinking about buying some as well.

Anyway, good to hear the bumps are subsiding a bit, will definitely check out your photos :)

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Thanks for the replies guys,

I am heading to school in a minute but decided to check the internetz:)

dreamer I know it's not much and if I'm freaking out just for nothing but my hair doesn't feel that, uhm how would you say it, dense, thick? Ya know what I mean

and okay patrick I'll look into it, I'm just hesitating to use any extra stuff on my face while on accutane, eusa_think.gif

Pics later on in the evening when I get to home again!

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Day 16

Hey what's up? Here I'm with quick update before going to sleep!

I've got a question about the hair/hairloss, I don't get really any,maybe 1-3 when I run my hand through the hair which is normal and around 10 ni the shower really but what is making me wondering is that since 2 days ago when I thought that I'm losing hair my hair's texture become different, it is like silky and smoothy and not so thick now.

Has anyone have this happened? Could it be that it becomes less oily? because I've noticed my skin has become less oily aswell in the last 3-4 days. It feels like I don't have to wash it anymore, well that's a pro:) But my hair has lost quite a bit of volume, and thickness, doesn't really bother me though if I don't actually lose hair.

Here's the pics anyway as I promised with one extra with great lightning that hides some of the red marks.Can't see any improvement yet in the pics.

post-157291-0-33816200-1320355955_thumb. post-157291-0-88838800-1320355973_thumb.





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hey man! i started accutane at october 12 ill be with you the whole log!!!! im kinda depressed though cause my derm only gave me 10m.g and i have severe acne!!!! huhu! anyways im 17 and i have severe oily skin but a week with accutane actually make me feel like i never had oily skin! anyways i couldnt argue more with my derm about making it a higher dose i think shes just too careful anyways im still on my topical med as what she suggested and the only sign of side effect im having is dry lips and i aint using any lip balm my only form of moisturizer is my uhhh tongue lol

are you visiting a derm?if so does she use cortisone shots on you?or prick your acne?cause mine does like a facial

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