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Laser Work For Redness On Cheeks/nose Possible Rosacea

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Laser treatment is best for redness on cheeks and nose...As there is no pain in it,everything is done with laser...It doesn't even take time..But it is costly than other treatments..

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how well do they work and how effective are they?

share ur stories

Look into the V-beam Laser by Candela. It is excellent for redness & rosacea. :)

I am a Medical Assistant & Esthetician. I used to be a Laser Tech. I did not operate this particular Laser but I know it's one of the best ones out there for redness. It will take out a port wine stain birthmark. (Sure you know how deep red/purple those birth marks are). With V beam there can be downtime. It basically breaks the blood vessels that are causing the redness and it will bruise. Then your body will absorbs the blood, bruise will heal and redness gone. It may takes several sessions depending on how much redness.

The Laser I used to operate is Laser Genesis by Cutera. This laser is also marketed for rosacea but it is much milder than the V beam. There is no downtime at all with the Laser Genesis. It is amazing for milder redness and texture. So it will refine texture and shrink pores. And is much cheaper than V beam.

SO it would depend on the severity of your redness as to how aggressive you want to get with the Laser. :)

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You can do Vbeam on purpuric or non-purpuric settings. Purpuric is supposed to more effective, but causes bruising. However, the new Vbeam Perfecta is supposed to be better at the non-purpuric settings.

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