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My Scarring

I started getting acne in 7th grade. From then on I had mild - moderate yet persistent acne until grade 12. I developed very mild rolling scars. However, in a very short period of time my acne scars filled out after clearing up my skin. I literally did not have any scars at all. I think this is very odd, because from what I keep reading people who have scars it's permanent. Maybe it's because my scars are very mild, I don't know. I never did anything to my face but wash morning and night and put a lotion on when my face was clear. I think if people just let there skin heal on it's own it is better in the long run.

My acne has come back but is surely clearing due to Diane35, and when it does completely clear again I am going to do the same thing as I did before. I feel being very gentle to your skin is very beneficial, and allowing it to heal naturally.

But then again, everyone is different. I just know that it worked for me! You just have to be very patient :) & I don't think I will risk getting any kind of intense acne scarring treatment. Mostly because of the possible side effects and the fact that it could make your skin worse in the end.

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Thank you for posting this! It has given me so much hope for my shallow rolling scar.

How mild was yours? Was it hard to tell it was even there sometimes, that is, only looks indented in certain lighting?

How long did it take for yours to fill out, and did you follow a particularly healthy lifestyle?

Mine are mild, but it really bothers me because they create unnatural looking lines in strange places when I smile. Sorry for all the questions...I have been reading many posts on this site for hope, and I probably found the most hope in your post.

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